The future lies in daylight solutions: Durlum

Metal ceilings are largely specified and used for their high specification finish and their ability to meet the performance and sustainability features of modern building structure. These are available either in plain pattern or with a variety of perforation patterns and can also be supplied in the full range RAL colours and customs finish like wood grain. Today’s architecture relies more and more on expressive designs and surfaces combined with functionality which are achieved with modern metal ceilings systems.

For Durlum, not only is the persistent improvement of quality standards important but also the responsibility for the environment and future generations. “Our ceilings are manufactured with highest quality and also produced from sustainable material, resource conserving processes,” claims Deependra Singh, Director, Durlum India Pvt Ltd.

Most of the metal ceilings systems are delivered to clients with a great level of prefabrication in order to reduce on-site wastages. “Our material not only has high percentage of recycled content but also has safe and VOC free coatings that are applied through efficient technologies reflecting our seriousness and commitment to environment,” Singh informs.

Nature of Durlum’s business is project based and hence it’s imperative that manufacturing and support functions are flexible enough align well with the need and requirement for the site. According to Singh, it is an essential to implement fully transparent and clear flow of information throughout the entire project process from order confirmation, design to final delivery at site.

While talking about the future, Singh said, “Our approach is to provide solutions which are energy friendly produced and energy friendly used. This means we are looking for daylight systems as well as systems wherein one feels well in his/her surroundings. Daylight determines our life rhythm and has a direct effect on our well-being. We believe that the future of modern architecture would be reflected in the increased use of daylight solutions providing visual comfort and also the high energy efficiency achieved though the solutions.”

He also thinks that the integrated solutions would be the big part of the market, wherein the ceilings, lighting, AC grills and acoustics are part of the offering. “Our aim is to work with our project partners on solutions that create a perfect synthesis between function and design, to provide the solutions that inspire creativity of the designers and that make one feel at home,” Singh concludes.

Our approach is to provide solutions which are energy friendly produced and energy friendly used.
Deependra Singh, Director, Durlum India Pvt Ltd

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