Graebert trinity: key for digitalising organisations

Digitalisation is fast changing the world, thus organisations need to become digital. Hence, Graebert offers the solution for digitalising organisations. In this wave of digitalisation disruptive innovation, designers need to drive digitalisation from ‘idea’ to all the way to customers; Graebert trinity can help to achieve this. Graebert has taken a new leap by introducing new features in trinity concept which will help the organisation to react to the changes in real time.

Product description
Much more than cost-effective CAD software for DWG editing, ARES Commander brings the productivity to the next level with smart productivity features and a unique concept ‘The Trinity of CAD.’ The ARES trinity of CAD software combine the best of what each platform has to offer viz. desktop, mobile and cloud are combined into a unique user experience generating high synergies across all the devices. The highly flexible licensing of ARES Commander allows the same user to work from several computers under Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Then there are a trio of operating systems, twice:
• Windows, Mac and Linux
• Android, iOS and Web browser

Graebert is the only CAD software vendor to provide 2D or 3D CAD for all viable platforms in this millennium. Each license includes one-year renewable subscription for ARES Touch and ARES Kudo.

• ARES Commander: Offers user all the features, user needs to create or modify DWG drawings in 2D or 3D in a productivity driven environment.
• ARES Touch: ARES Touch is the most complete mobile CAD solution ever seen for Android and iOS. User can edit the drawings.
• ARES Kudo: ARES Kudo is the first full-featured CAD solution to read, create share and modify DWG or DXF drawings online. No need to install any application, it runs directly on the browser.

How trinity works
When a supervisor is visiting the construction site, supervisor gets to know implementation differences. He also notices some more improvement areas. Then he can open the drawing from cloud in ARES Touch and do the markings by new FREESKETCH command and attach a PICTURE by PICTURENOTE command of that area and send the drawing by e-mail to the approving authority. Now the approving authority opens the drawing in web browser in ARES KUDO application and does the required changes and save the drawing.

When one is back in the office then he/she can open the drawing from cloud and see the approved changes. No time is lost, and one have informed authorities and got the approval as well. Now one can update the drawing and share the read only link of the file to the client. The benefit of the read only link of the file is that this link will be opened in the browser in ARES KUDO. Client can only see the drawing, he cannot do any modifications in the file nor can he download the file. Whenever one wants he/she can close the access of view only link, then client will not be able open the link.

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