profine caters to AluPure- Aluminium Systems with a Class

Zak Doors & Windows Expo has been quite close to profine for over a decade, with AluPure aluminium window and door system which was launched in 2017 have been introduced for the fraternity here, says Farid Khan, Director and CEO, profine India Window Technology Pvt Ltd, in an interaction with Karan Rawat of ACE Update.

How do you look at the Zak Doors & Windows Expo?
We have been associated with Zak Doors & Windows Expo through Koemmerling uPVC windows and doors for a decade; it is one of the best shows for doors, windows, facades and glass. Thus, this is the perfect platform for architects, interior designers as well as the people who want to venture into this business.

Have you unveiled any new product or innovation at this expo?
This year, we have introduced AluPure aluminium window and door systems. AluPure windows and doors range from profine is the new innovation what we are providing to this market and India subcontinent i.e., casement windows and doors, tilt & turn windows and Sliding Windows and doors wherein we are focusing on quality aluminium system at a very competitive price.

How was the year 2018 for your business?
The year 2018 has been challenging in terms of the real estate scenario, effects of demonetization and GST which is stabilising now. However, construction activities have been picking up pace given that India is a huge market. The phase has been bit slowed down. But, it is more on the liquidity side and working capital side wherein the market has taken a hit but compared to what was been predicated. Still, the situation is better and is getting stabilised. This year, we have elections so that has also affected the business scenario. Otherwise, this market is strong enough to let everyone perform.

Discuss your plan for 2019?
We hope 2019 to be quite promising since we believe many things should get stabilised despite general elections slated for May 2019. As we know, a lot of funding gets ceased owing to the political situation, the second half of 2019 would be booming in terms of the business scenario once the elections are over.

Any major announcement expected from your end?
In the past, we did big investment in terms of our product ranges in uPVC. Now this AluPure is itself a big thing for us and now we have offered this to the market. So right now we would like to stabilise this AluPure aluminium system business and we also foresee that going forward next year we plan to have some high-end series in AluPure that also we will be offering to this market.

Please discuss your strategy for energy efficient doors and windows?
As far as our strategy is concerned for doors and windows our casement system is the centre seal gasket system, wherein you get the perfect insulation. The system what we are offering are in good level in terms of U-values wherein you consider thermal insulation, in terms of sound again we have to go for the glass factor. So initially we have launched the AluPure system with non-thermal break system which we are offering. Going forward we are open for all the options in terms of thermal break what the market would be asking for.

How does your product support green building and sustainability in construction?
At the movement the AluPure aluminium system, we will be approaching the Indian Green Building Council what we have done for the other product range which is uPVC. The AluPure aluminium systems have successfully passed performance quality tests as per BS EN1026, BS EN1027 and BS EN12211 for its Casement and sliding window & door systems. We personally believe that AluPure aluminium system should be a good product to take into the Green Building Council.

AluPure aluminium system should be a good product to take into the Green Building Council.
Farid Khan, Director and CEO, profine India Window Technology Pvt Ltd

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