Steelcase facilitates innovative work culture via Diversal

Diversal from Steelcase seeks to cultivate diversity and address the need for flexibility, both in how companies operate and how people work and collaborate. Diversal’s dynamic components are designed to be easily reconfigured to accommodate a diverse range of needs, supporting both short- and long-term layout planning. From blade-shaped work surfaces that efficiently provide additional work space, to podiums that allow for break-out collaborations and a change of posture, the Diversal system offers a range of features that can be interchanged and combined to create the right environment.

“In an extremely short space of time, we are seeing the transition from task-based work to innovative and generative work. Many workplaces have struggled to evolve and adapt to support the organisational cultural change,” says Elise Valoe, Global Research Manager at Steelcase Inc.

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