Changing demographics, income trend driving demand

Rise in new housing construction activities is driving demand for uPVC windows and doors in India. Window Magic’s uPVC window and doors are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology that aptly meets the demands of rapidly developing smart cities for new generation.

The energy-efficient products potentially save energy up to 25-30 per cent. In order to serve smart cities in the best possible way, Window Magic, with the innovative and latest German Technology, brings out the finest customised fenestration solutions as per the environment and in tune with the customer’s needs, according to Manish Bansal, Director, Window Magic India.

Discuss the latest trends and applications in doors and windows with respect to modern construction?
Glass technology has come a long way since its inception and usage in early years. With every subsequent year, newer and better innovations in glass have led to an increasing demand for the latest innovations. Beyond aesthetics, windows are expected to perform other functions including optimizing day-lighting, & energy conservation. There is great demand for windows and doors that need lower maintenance and are made of energy saving, efficient materials. With the increase in consumer aspirations, premium quality products have achieved a higher and faster market penetration globally. In order to comply with the modern construction, Window Magic offers a variety of fenestration solutions which includes customised, innovative and engineered products. Our uPVC windows and doors come with several benefits like sound insulation, multi lock system, smooth functioning etc. These utilities play a vital role in fulfilling the required essentials of a modern building effectively and efficiently.

How do you see the demand for doors and windows in modern construction?
The fenestration market is growing rapidly due to the rising awareness amongst builders and consumers, rapid urbanisation, growth in residential units and increased adoption of eco-friendly and energy conserving products to comply with government’s initiative of Energy Conservation Building Code. Strong outlook in residential as well as commercial sectors including new constructions and renovation projects will drive the demand for windows and doors. Increasing construction accompanied by economic growth particularly will support the fenestration demand. Necessity for privacy and improved sound insulation due to changing lifestyles will fuel the product demand. Changing demographic and income trends along with the growing population are among major factors supporting the product demand.

How is market looking this year?
The windows and doors market is projected to rise this year, driven by the strength in new housing activity and commercial building construction. The new residential market is forecast to outpace all other segments. Wood holds the highest market share, however the durability and lower cost of uPVC profiles continues to spur demand, particularly in home remodeling. In the commercial market, swift growth is expected for office, retail, lodging, and institutional buildings, boosting sales of windows and doors, including automated products that adhere to universal design principles. Sales will also be spurred by building owners investing in high performance fenestration products to reduce utility bills.

Windows and Doors market is projected to rise this year, driven by the strength in new housing activity and commercial building construction.
Manish Bansal, Director, Window Magic India

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