Green, energy-efficient elevators save cost and time

Riding momentum of the activities in tier-II and tier-III cities and surging demand in residential segment, elevator and escalator market is booming. Government initiatives like Smart City Mission, Housing for All, among other new infrastructure projects, are driving growth creating need for taller buildings with more efficient and innovative mobility solutions, says Nimish Deshpande, Sr. Vice President Technical, Schindler India & South Asia.

How do your products contribute to making better smart cities?
Schindler 5500 is designed to provide innovative solutions for mobility requirements of the urban life in future. On account of system architecture based on Schindler’s Suspension Traction Media (STM) technology, the elevator uses less space and provides passengers with an exceptionally quiet ride. Schindler 5500’s use of advanced control systems and high performance make it ideal for optimising traffic management in buildings up to 150 m height.

Our machine-room-less (MRL) and gearless elevators provide users greater flexibility to design buildings while subsequently saving cost, time, and most importantly, the space that would be needed to build machine rooms.Schindler’s revolutionary PORT transit management system – now interconnects the entire building and provides architects with new possibilities in vertical mobility management and security planning.

What are the latest trends in elevators with respect to smart cities?
Elevators are not only getting more energy efficient but also greener. Real estate developers are increasingly preferring gearless and MRL elevators over traditional ones which require machine room on top of the building. This offers them more flexibility to design the building and ensures an overall saving in cost and time for customers. With use of gearless machines, Schindler products consume up to 30 per cent lesser energy compared to conventional systems. Technologies such as Standby mode when not in use, STM belts, etc., also bring about significant savings in power consumption as well as space.

Our elevators provide more room while retaining the same shaft dimensions as conventional elevator companies. More internal room inside the elevator leads to higher comfort. Our motors are smaller and require lesser space, the control cabinet fits into the landing door frame and direct drive is installed directly in the shaft. Our landing doors are two-hour fire rated.

Discuss about the latest technology in this space.
Schindler has launched the Schindler Ahead platform partnering with GE and Huawei. Schindler Holding and GE have formed an alliance where the company will leverage GE’s Predix Platform and GE’s proven digital industrial expertise in advanced analytics. Also, the partnership with Huawei Technologies is for the development of smart Internet-of-Things (IoT) components for a seamless connectivity of elevators and escalators. The new IoT connectivity solution is a crucial element of the digital platform.

Analytics and expert services
Premier diagnostic and advanced analytics enable Schindler to predictively identify, analyse and resolve possible service issues before they occur. The closed-loop platform connects equipment, customers and passengers with the Schindler contact centre and technicians and keeps everyone informed.

Emergency and monitoring service
The 24/7 connection to Schindler’s contact centres with highly trained experts for professional assistance. Emergency calls via a reliable digital connection for voice and data.

Active communication and powerful insights via actionboard
Real-time insights to better operate and manage the building. Customisable reports on equipment status and performance. Event-based notifications via app, text messages or emails keep customers, passengers and technicians informed at all times.

Real estate developers are increasingly preferring gearless and MRL elevators over traditional ones.
Nimish Deshpande, Sr. Vice President Technical, Schindler India & South Asia.

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