IoL platform to give personalised user control

India is growing at a fast pace with urbanisation transforming the country. Lighting is important in urban development and helps cities and localities become safe and smart. New technologies in lighting are contributing immensely to make commercial and residential campuses and building stay safe, efficient and smart, says Anuj Dhir, Vice-President (C&I) Lighting Business, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting.

How are your products adding value to smart cities?
The Internet of Lighting (IoL), Wipro Lighting will be providing its applications and solutions right from smart homes, smart buildings to smart cities under the brand identity of IoL. The platform offers comprehensive solutions that include, Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting solutions, inSync – Human centric lighting, LiFi technology, bluetooth/wireless lighting solutions and smart outdoor lighting solutions. Our lighting solutions are designed to provide personalised user control, actionable insights into space optimisation, way finding, hot desking and meeting room bookings. The company’s PoE technology, lighting management system and workspace management services are cloud based and run on open API.

Moreover, our all-India dealer and service network also enables supplies and post-sales support across the country. We have a wide range of energy-efficient lighting solutions for smart lighting applications. The products come with lighting controls for smart homes, smart buildings under the brand identity of IoL. Additionally, the company offers energy-efficient lighting solutions and controls systems and components for smart lighting application in indoor and outdoor facilities.

How is your partnership with Schreder helping you add value to lighting industry?
The Smart Cities Mission is important for the government. Our aim of partnering with Schréder is to bring their patented technology and products like Smart Streetlights & Smart Poles and expertise to empower smart cities in India and address premium lighting requirements of an urban India. Schréder’s Lightability uses the power of light to improve cities significantly making them safer, smarter.

What are some of the latest trends and new technologies that are being integrated within lighting systems?
We are focusing on energy savings through implementation of smart technologies like Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions to enhance employee comfort, productivity and safety through personalised control of work spaces and enables performance tracking with real-time updates on lighting system status. inSync – our human centric lighting intended to promote employee’s well-being, mood and health, improve concentration, etc. The change in colour aims to provide bio-dynamic light based on human circadian rhythm. Further, LiFi (data through light) solutions are for significantly greater security, high speed data transmission rates and densities to support more robust and reliable wireless networks that complement and enhance existing cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

Additionally, organisations are looking at creating spaces, which enhance employee well-being. Open spaces and ceilings, collaborative zones are increasingly gaining popularity as these encourage higher interaction between employees. Keeping in mind these design considerations, we offer products and solutions that aid delivery with products like Verge, Opus and Axeon, among other office lighting products. In addition to modulation of colour of light, impacting circadian rhythm and wellness of the employees, are also gaining popularity. The WELL Building standard (WELL) provides guidelines to minimise disruption to body’s circadian system, enhance productivity, quality and provide appropriate visual acuity. Here our answer is inSync range of products that we have developed for Human Centric Lighting.

On the outdoor lighting front, smart street lights offer individual luminaire level control as per the light, time of the day, and location based longitude and latitude. Remote control-based operation facilitates ease of maintenance while real-time energy metering and report generation help to analyse and decide optimum electricity usage.

Our aim of partnering with Schréder is to bring their patented technology and products, expertise to address premium lighting requirements.
Anuj Dhir, Vice-President (C&I) Lighting Business, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting

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