Modern spaces call for hygiene and durability

With great impetus given on sustainability and quality of products for more sustainable and aesthetically appealing flooring, Lioli Ceramica creates products that are technologically the most advanced in the world.

TechnoSLAB – the flagship brand of the tile manufacturer – is offered in the largest format 3200 x 1600 mm (10.5 X 5.25 ft.) size. While the size is the brand’s USP, it also is thin and light, making installation easy, which is an extremely important factor in modern structures. It is ten times harder than marble, and the products are extremely strong and durable for any kind of application.

The products are available in infinite number of designs, colours, patterns, finishes and sizes ranging from 2400 x 1200 mm (8 X 4 ft.), 1600 x 1600 mm (5.2 X 5.2 ft.), and 1200 x 1200 mm (3.9 X 3.9 ft.).

Hygiene is a key requirement of living spaces in smart cities and porcelain products are the perfect choice for such modern spaces. TechnoSLAB is stain and scratch resistant, is unaffected by fire and is just the kind of offering that adds value to modern living spaces. Additionally, it is a recyclable and eco-friendly product. Manufactured using state of the art imported machines and aided by world’s best technologies, TechnoSLAB products appear as beautiful as any natural stone.

“Our products have already been used in several high-end projects as replacement to natural stones and have been installed at lavish apartments, galleries, hotels and at many such luxury spaces,” says Vikas Kesarkar, CEO, Lioli Ceramica.

Tiles: design and applications
Under TechnoSLAB, the company offers six different designs including Marble, Onyx, Concrete, Stone, Terrazzo, Fabric and Designer. The products under each of the designs are offered in all possible colours, patterns and textures. Presently, marble designs are in trend in flooring applications followed by the Terrazzo. Matt and Satin matt finish is preferred in most areas – especially offices, large open spaces and wet floors for both its soft, muted appearance and the grip it provides.

“Glossy tiles are the best options for small kitchens and compact spaces as the tiles bounce back the light and help open up spaces and making them appear brighter,” he says.

Many modern spaces are using large size slabs instead of the conventional flooring materials. The modern, large size slabs come with lot of advantages. They are sturdy, low maintenance, stylish and sustainable. The installation process in large size slabs is quick and easy. Additionally, the big size of the slab makes the installed area appear seamless and larger with lesser joints, giving a modern look to the overall space.

There are many new projects coming up in metropolitan cities and even in small towns. As the towns grow, there is more demand for residential complexes, schools, medical centres, malls, multiplexes, retail shops etc. Overall, the tiles industry and especially the flooring market looks spirited this year.

Glossy tiles are the best options for small kitchens and compact spaces as the tiles bounce back the light and help open up spaces and making them appear brighter.
Vikas Kesarkar, CEO, Lioli Ceramica

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