Porcelain first-pick in luxury spaces for smooth finish

The design and development of housing and commercial structures in smart cities are critical in energy efficiency and conservation, and sustainability. For twenty-five years now, Classic Marble Company (CMC) has been creating building material products in the stones segment that are of supreme quality.

“Our flagship brand – KalingaStone that makes engineered marble and quartz are a great example of CMC’s focus on the emerging and future trends. The products offered under this brand are par excellence which encompass all of the critical, pre-requisites factors in building smart cities,” according to Amit Shah, Managing Director, Classic Marble Company.

KalingaStone marble and quartz are both eco-friendly, recyclable products that utilise sustainable manufacturing processes with a long life-span and are energy efficient, Shah said.

Other than stones, the company also offers the latest and the best amongst the porcelain slab products in the world. Our porcelain slabs range includes Techlam from Spain, Iris from Italy, Kalesinterflex from Turkey and Quadra from Indonesia. Products of each of these brands are unique and meet the specific requirements for different application needs for smart cities.

Thrust towards porcelain
“Porcelain tiles in large format are the latest trend in the market, which reduce the number of joints in applications giving the layout a seamless appearance. Today’s porcelain tiles can mimic the look and feel of most of the natural materials including marble, granite, wood, concrete or even steel,” he said.

Luxury residences and apartments use natural marble, engineered marble or premium quality porcelain slabs that are inspired by marble designs as flooring, whereas matte finish tiles are the first-pick in commercial flooring.

Tiles and flooring- outlook 2019
Infrastructure development is an inevitable truth for our future sustenance. If there are buildings, commercial or residential or both, there will be the need for flooring. While a bulk of residences in the cities now are installed with tiles, within tiles, the change will be in the sizes chosen for flooring. The bigger format tiles will begin to gain more traction with its ergonomics, ease in application, and most importantly because of its efficiency and sustainability. However, simultaneously the market for engineered marble and quartz will also proportionally grow. Over the last decade and half, the demand for these products has only risen. The engineered marble and quartz products are high on aesthetics and are equally versatile in applications.

Large-format porcelain tiles are the latest trend in the market, which reduce the number of joints in applications giving the layout a seamless appearance.
Amit Shah, Managing Director, Classic Marble Company

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