System formwork will add to construction efficacy

Construction industry is quintessential for India’s prosperity contributing notably to the economy. With the government’s Smart City Mission, property builders, developers, material suppliers and contractors are getting a host of opportunities for their business to thrive. Smart buildings form an integral part of smart cities, and entail the use of smart building components.

Paschal Modular system aims to help make infrastructure with high quality form finish and safer working conditions, which in turn helps contractors and their clients to timely complete the project with cost-effective solutions.

“As a part of Make in India move, Paschal India is going to launch its local production facility centre in our factory location at Vishakhapatnam, which greatly helps our clients with fastest delivery and without compromising on German quality and standards,” says Manikandan Mahalingam, General Director, Paschal Formwork (India) Pvt Ltd.

The company also has its dedicated refurbishment facility centre within same premises which helps clients use their existing formwork material to make the refurbished panels look like a new product.

The company offers pre-consultation to our clients prior to sales and Paschal is the only German formwork company with RFID enabled Panel Technology which help to track the complete history of the panels.

Trends and demand
Smart cities consist of mix development and include construction segments like housing, infrastructure, water supply, power, etc. Paschal Modular formwork is more flexible in nature and more versatile, hence it can be used in any segments of the construction industries.

He says, “Our product can make fastest construction methods with less manpower that too with semi-skilled or unskilled works. Getting of skilled workmen is difficult in present scenario. Hence, our product is designed to work with available workforce as well.”

Compared to last year, Paschal products are being used in many projects this year on the back of the benefits of system formwork which small-scale contractors after careful analysis are coming to know.

“Small-scale contractors are keener to invest in system formwork, which in turn is likely to keep the demand soaring,” Mahalingam says.

Market this year
Every year, there is rapid growth in the construction industries across the globe, and availability of skilled formwork manpower is subsequently deteriorating with the same rate. Hence, construction industries are in dire need of system formwork, which will give the best result in terms of project execution with more feasible and viable conditions along with quality and safety parameters, said Mahlingam.

Small-scale contractors are keener to invest in system formwork, which in turn is likely to keep the demand soaring.
Manikandan Mahalingam, General Director, Paschal Formwork (India) Pvt Ltd.

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