Leakage no more a concern in water tanks, terrace and basement

Perma Construction Chemicals introduces two component acrylic cementitious waterproof coating for water tanks, terrace, and basement waterproofing with “ PERMA GUARD 2 K”. Perma Guard 2 K is a polymer modified cementitious acrylic water proofing system with a very wide scope of applications in water proofing and corrosion inhibition situations. Perma Guard 2 K is a two component material which forms a flexible reinforced membrane upon curing.

The product performs well with RCC terrace waterproofing, sealing leakage through cast iron, asbestos or stoneware pipes, waterproof coating on bridge girders and under deck waterproofing of bridges, sealing cracks in asbestos cement sheets and sealing ‘J’ bolt openings, waterproof coating on leaky plaster surfaces, podium slab waterproofing, basement retaining wall waterproofing, waterproofing water tanks and swimming pools.

Perma Guard 2 K membrane when applied on concrete surface allows the concrete to breathe normally while waterproofing the area perfectly. The membrane is flexible hence accommodates deflections and minor movements of the structures. Being acrylic-based Perma Guard 2 K has strong adhesion and corrosion inhibition properties.

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