Bent towards uPVC

An eco-friendly material that reduces forest cutting rate guards against environmental damage.

The use of uPVC for windows and doors in structures like commercial buildings, residential apartments, hotels, hospitals, etc., is on an upsurge owing to a host of advantages uPVC offers. Now, people have options for window and door requirements wherein uPVC is one such material which is making its way in the market.

Rising prominence
Renowned brands in India are investing in market development and awareness program to make uPVC a better option amongst other material. German brand Koemmerling has also invested heavily on market development in India and has been running awareness programs in the form of exhibitions, seminars, conferences etc., throughout the country. In the past 5-10 years, people are getting more aware about uPVC as a better option than other traditional material for their window and door requirements due to
its benefits like durability, colour retention, low maintenance, sound insulation, thermal insulation. Moreover, it is eco-friendly material that reduces forest cutting rate which in turn guards against environmental damage.

uPVC has become a popular choice at both private and public sector level for their new and renovation projects, according to Amir Hashmi, National Head – Marketing & Sales, profine India Window Technology Pvt Ltd.

Considering circumstances
Over the years, people have realised that uPVC is an eco-friendly product and does not burden the environment. Overall, it’s a win-win situation when one has uPVC windows in their house, says Mario Schmidt, Managing Director, Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Private Limited.

Rapid increase in consciousness
The days when people considered windows and doors as just ‘mere openings’ are long gone. People now pay more attention to what type of fenestration they are investing upon. They look for durability, low-maintenance, quality and eco-friendly products, says Manish Bansal, Director and CEO, Window Magic India. Awareness and use of these windows and doors in construction are increasing rapidly. This is evident from the rapid growth of uPVC in the Indian market, he added.

Extensive use
uPVC is the general contraction for un-plasticised poly vinyl chloride, mainly use for doors, windows and pipelines these days. uPVC is widely use because it is climatic resistance. The uPVC windows and doors are stronger than the old and traditional wooden doors and windows providing high level of insulation against noise. uPVC has a strong layer of galvanised steel therefore it is very difficult to break these uPVC doors and windows. They allow opening from two sides that helps in getting natural cross ventilation, says Amol Prabhu, Partner, Shashi Prabhu & Associates.

Execution of ECBC aiding usage
With increased emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency, fenestration performance has become critical in determining the overall energy-efficiency of a building. Whether designing a residential, commercial or institutional building, architects and owners carefully consider the qualities and long-term advantages of fenestration materials. “Windows and doors provide essential protection and architectural character to a building and must also respond to various owner-driven requirements including aesthetics, cost, performance, maintenance and life cycle. But still other than metro cities the awareness of uPVC material in India has to go long way,” says Ar. S.P. Anchuri, Chief Consultant, Anchuri & Anchuri.

However, recent implementation of Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) which is mandatory for commercial and optional for residential buildings but strict implementation of energy-efficient regulations and standardisation within the industry and the benefits of uPVC having over wood or other materials like its solar and thermal protection, wind and rainproof, sound insulation, protection against break-ins properties keeps its use ahead.

Energy-efficient and aesthetically appeal
uPVC acts as a natural insulator that helps to resist heat loss in winter and summer. The e-glass coating is very useful as low e-glass has a low microscopically thin transparent coating which reflects low wave infrared energy. To get the best benefits of uPVC, it is essential to have an expert to help with the installation that it is done correctly. uPVC besides being energy-efficient is also very stylish and is available in different hues. From a distance one will find it difficult to tell if it is uPVC or wood, Schmidt adds.

uPVC insulation capacity retains the warm air during winter and the cold air during summer inside the house. Thus, helps in saving a lot of energy cost. There are myriad ranges of uPVC windows and doors that can enhance the aesthetic value of any structure. “The tilt and turn, casement, bi-fold, sliding, etc are all examples of the types of uPVC windows and doors that can make a place look beautiful, elegant and trendy. These products blend well with all the colours, drapes and patterns,” Bansal says.

“uPVC windows and doors are energy-efficient product, but for monetary gains companies can compromise with its quality by using low-grade materials and wrong formulation of its components. Therefore, it is essential to choose the company which uses right formulation and does not compromise on its quality,” says Hashmi.

Developers choose not to adopt the intensive Energy Saving Rating Certifications for their buildings, they could adopt any combination of the energy saving components thereby supporting their contribution to a greener planet, says Amol.

The extrusion process of uPVC is relatively energy-efficient compared with aluminium. They can be fully recycled and reused for production. But coming to aesthetics this used to be a big disadvantage for uPVC as the look and quality used to be poor, discoloration, cracking and poor UV ratings. However, with colour stabilisers, laminates and the ability to spray the frame with technology borrowed from the automotive industry, wood grain texture and any colour imaginable are now possible, says Anchuri.

Modernised innovations
Preventing room from heating
Glass house conservatory is the advanced fenestration solution by Lingel. Having high-performance glasses which protect the inner side of the house from heating up. Hence, the house is protected from the direct sun and prevents the inner part of the room from heating. These kinds of glass houses have a shading system made out of awning fabricated from special fabrics that can be control with a click of a button from one’s mobile or an app.

”The solution can be used by architects, engineers and even contractors. They have to give us the dimension and accordingly we plan and install the conservatory. Each of these is very carefully crafted keeping in mind the requirements. This also helps you enjoy smarter outdoor living and not worry about space,“ Schmidt says.

Factors influencing choices
One of the distinctive offerings by Window Magic is the concept of unplasticised polyvinyl chloride that is uPVC. uPVC has shown magnificent growth in the market and has gradually become the most common choice of consumer. This is due to the fact that uPVC windows and doors offer much more than what the ordinary ones do, says Bansal. The factors like durability, strength, security, low-maintenance, eco-friendliness, etc. all contribute to making uPVC an ultimate choice for people.

Diversified systems
Offering the Indian market with cutting-edge technology, Koemmerling has various range of product such as casement window and door system (inward or outward open), tilt and turn window system, sliding window and door, lift and slide door, sliding folding door and tilt and slide door.

Not only in private sector but due to the environmental advantages, uPVC has got attention from the government as well.
Hashmi, National Head – Marketing & Sales, profine India Window Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Nowadays the customer is well informed and understands the perks of using uPVC.
Mario Schmidt, Managing Director, Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Private Limited

Awareness and use of the uPVC windows and doors in construction are increasing rapidly.
Bansal, Director and CEO, Window Magic India

uPVC has a strong layer of galvanised steel therefore it is very difficult to break these uPVC doors and windows.
Prabhu, Partner, Shashi Prabhu & Associates

The extrusion process of uPVC is relatively energy-efficient compared with aluminium.
Ar. S.P. Anchuri, Chief Consultant, Anchuri &

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