durlum brings innovative solutions for ceiling lighting

Ceiling lighting ambience is durlum’s field of expertise. It is based on a diversity of skills which we apply and combine according to customer requirements and continuously adapt to market needs.

The company’s capabilities embrace metal construction, electric, lighting and daylighting technology, as well as acoustics, fire protection, material science, control systems, project management and much more. The pooling of its capabilities creates unique solutions characterised by:
Innovation: Functional and design oriented
Integration: Combination of ceiling,lighting and other room requirements
Sustainability: Responsibility towards people and environment.

durlum is an internationally active manufacturer of innovative metal ceilings, lighting and daylight systems. For more than 40 years, durlum has been a successful partner for architects, planners, drywall companies and general contractors.

Realising ceiling and lighting solutions for airports is one of its core competencies. The company’s aim is to work with its project partners on solutions that create a perfect synthesis between function and design.

For more information, visit www.durlumindia.com

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