Enhancing energy efficiency the Schindler way

Schindler India has over the years, gained the trust of leading builders and developers across the country. The company’s three state-of-the-art training centres in Noida, Bengaluru and Mumbai respectively ensures that every Schindler fitter and service technician is trained and certified to work on its equipment. Company’s Sr. Vice President – New Installation Business Vaibhav Pitale says, Schindler products have always set benchmarks in terms of quality across the globe and are a preferred choice not only because of their attention to detail but also their environmentally friendly methods of production.

How does the design of an energy-efficient elevator/escalator differ from regular elevators?
The elevator’s frequency of use, travel height and speed are important factors which have strong influence over the efficiency rating. Elevators are rated according to their energy performance. They range from A-G with ‘A’ being the best-in-class system. Schindler elevators can provide an energy efficiency classification in the green range from A-B with products that are at the forefront in the usage of newer technologies thereby reducing the total energy consumption by means of regenerative drives, highly efficient motors and drive systems, automatic switch-off of car lighting if elevators are not in use, LED car lighting technology, use of highly efficient roller guide shoe, low-friction mechanics, Traffic Management System, automatic switch-off display of landing operating panel etc to name a few.

How can green elevators/escalator be made more aesthetically appealing?
Schindler’s Suspension Traction Media (STM) technology helps elevators to use less space and provides passengers with quiet ride. With scalable car sizes, the elevators can be easily adapted to fit shaft dimensions. Schindler 5500 and 7000 elevators uniquely combine performance, flexibility and design, which make it easy to be compatible with the requirements of commercial, mid and high-end residential buildings. These elevators come in a wide range of premium car decor finishes, a plethora of customisable buttons to choose from including car control panels, landing operating panels, ceiling and floor designs. Apart from offering mechanical push style buttons, Schindler being the pioneer in bringing elegant touch sensitive car and landing control panels in the market offers a wide range of designs in this space to provide best-in-class elevator experience to its customers.

How can elevators/escalators be made more energy efficient?
An elevator is one of the busiest mobility solutions which is practically started more than 200-300 times a day while the doors operate three to four times more than the elevator alone. When these things are moving, the use of VVVF (Variable Voltage Variable Frequency) Drives allows less power consumption. In case of multi-facility building, elevators work in a group operation. Schindler has further advanced this feature with optimal programming of elevators. It is called a destination control system (DCS). This system optimises people mobility within buildings and thus, leads to reduction in energy consumption. PORT transit management system interconnects the entire building and provides architects with new possibilities in vertical mobility management and security planning.

What are the major consideration while constructing and designing escalators and elevators?
Planning for the correct number and specifications of elevators considering the type of building its tenancy, population etc, is important. It is difficult to change or add more elevators without making substantial changes to the building structure, after the installation. Schindler’s advanced traffic analysis tool based on real-time simulation helps customers to plan for optimum elevator configuration while designing buildings. Schindler’s advanced plan and design tool adds key value by helping architects and customers alike to plan for the optimum elevator configuration while designing their buildings. The tool also enables architects to create elevator layouts, elevator traffic study and tender documents in customised manner for projects.

PORT transit management system interconnects the entire building and provides architects with new possibilities in vertical mobility management and security planning.
Vaibhav Pitale, Sr. Vice President New Installation Business, Schindler India

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