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ACE Update Webinar on Lighting and Light Design


Lighting is an integral part of architecture and design. Apart from home, commercial spaces and offices, the magic of lighting has been known to transform cities as well. The lighting market is driven by custom designed products made by well-known Indian light designers as also manufacturers who offer a varied range of products right from luxurious products to affordable variants. Demand for LED light also plays an important role in this ecosystem as energy efficient lights continue to remain in demand.

Keeping this agenda in mind Ace Update presented an interactive, engaging session on “Lighting and Light Design”. Leading designers and industry experts reviewed dwell on the factors which govern the selection and impact of lighting in different projects. Spaces which can best make use of a customised product, the creative intricacies involved in designing the customised product and the novelty of the end product. As more and more manufacturers have also ventured into lighting, the discussion deliberates on their larger role in addressing the market needs and facilitating the R&D and the innovation required in the lighting segment to produce good quality and energy efficient products.

Panel Speakers:
Ms. Avni Sejpal, Studio Avni
Mr. Tejas Doshi, Chief Design Officer, Light & Beyond
Mr. Sai Tallapragada, Director, Tungsten Studio

Moderated by:
Mr. Vikas Bhadra, ITM Group Media
Mr. Prasad Nair, ITM Group Media

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