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Envelope Blueprints for a Greener Future | Panel Discussion | ACE Update Magazine

We hosted an engaging webinar on “Envelope Blueprints for a Greener Future” on 19th June 2024 from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM.

Join us for an engaging webinar that delved into the intricacies of crafting “Envelope Blueprints for a Greener Future”. “In today’s world, the urgency to foster sustainable practices and mitigate environmental degradation was more pressing than ever. We explored innovative strategies and actionable solutions to pave the way towards a more environmentally conscious tomorrow.”

This session was scheduled for 19th June 2024, from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM on the Zoom platform.


Dr. Anshul Gujarathi, Founder & Director, Eco Solutions®: “Sustainability & Approach of Real Estate Sector”

Shabbir Kanchwala, Principal, The Global Network for Zero:”Integrating Sustainable Practices for net-zero”

Dr. Nilesh Gandhi, Architect Founder & Director, Metadesign: “Building Envelopes for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability”

Rajiv Singal, MD, Plaksa Solutions Pvt. Ltd: “Plaster and machine applied plastering for a sustainable future”

Dr. Mala Singh, Chairperson, IGBC: “Benefits of an optimised building envelope in Green Buildings”

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