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Green Buildings for Indian Cities | ACE Update | Architecture & Design Series


Green buildings not only help in resource efficiency i.e. water, energy and waste minimization but it also helps in improving health and well-being of the people. A green building itself defines five elements of mother earth (Panchtatva) i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky. Green building is a living or office space, which generates less waste, optimizes energy efficiency, conserves water, provides adequate daylight and ventilation to maintain health and well-being of the people and increases the overall productivity.

To cope with current challenges, green building solutions can go a long way in improving the environmental quality of the built environment and also take care of the health and well-being of its occupants. It helps in invigorating a healthy lifestyle and staying strong and immune. Having said that, the implementation of green buildings needs to be witnessed across different segments with a varied purchasing prowess. We also need to pay heed to innovations in this domain and ensure that we as Indians innovate as well. More so because Indian building and construction practices have been green even before the term was invented.

With this agenda Ace Update recently hosted an online interaction on “Green Buildings for Indian Cities”.

Panel Speakers:

Ms. Mala Singh, PEC Greening India
Mr. Sunil Patil, Sunil Patil and Associates
Mr. Yatin Pandya, Footprints E.A.R.T.H.
Mr. Nilesh Gandhi, Metadesign Architects

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