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Making high-rises sustainable | ACE Update | Architecture & Design Series


The high-rise is more than a new age dwelling, it reflects the rising ambitions of the millennials and also the generation which precedes and succeeds them. For cities and nations, it’s also a symbol of status, power, opulence and glory and if we may add greed as well. Especially in a country like India which accommodates the second largest population in the world even though it is 2.9 times smaller than China, high-rises cannot be ruled out. But its impact is devastating, high-rises tend to inflate the price of adjacent land, thus making the protection of historic buildings and affordable housing less achievable. High-rises radically reduce chance encounters and proximity, people are most likely to stay indoors and exercise less, traffic congestion is another ban, not to mention high-rises impact conditions of the terrain and the environmental balance of the living environment. In cities the increasing density of high-rises also tends to create its own local climate, with its specific microclimatic conditions on its streets and squares. It is necessary to take a look at the larger picture and ensure equity in the development of the modern day-built environment and to achieve that it is necessary to make high-rises sustainable for the present and subsequent generations.

Keeping this in mind ACE Update Architecture & Design Series conducted an online interaction on “Making high-rises sustainable” on 22nd October 2021

Mr. Sandeep Roy from DLF Ltd
Mr. Pravin Eknath Khade from K Arch Architects
Mr. Tushar Srivastava from Capacit’e Infraprojects Ltd

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