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Alstom Aqualine Train sets: Capturing the essence of Mumbai City

Alstom Aqualine Train sets: Capturing the essence of Mumbai City

The realisation of Mumbai Metro entails a seamless symbiosis of numerous global companies. One of them is Alstom. Alstom, a leader in sustainable and smart mobility, has already commenced the manufacturing of metro trainsets for Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) at its factory in SriCity, Andhra Pradesh. The first metro train after testing is expected to be delivered by November 2020.

Alstom’s overall contract with MMRC for Line 3 is worth €452 million. The order includes manufacturing of 31 lightweight, fully-furnished modern metro trains of 8 cars each. Along with rolling stock, Alstom will also execute the power supply contract and equip Line 3 with Urbalis 400, its latest generation of CBTC signalling technology. The scope of the signalling contract includes unattended train operation (UTO), computer-based interlocking and centralised train supervision; an integrated telecom solution comprising of CCTV, passenger information, passenger announcement and Giga bit network; platform screen doors, as well as the electrical and mechanical supervisory control and data acquisition system (E&M SCADA).

Alain Spohr, Managing Director of Alstom India and South Asia points out, “This will be the new face of transportation for the commercial capital of India. Mumbai is a global city and it is set to get a world-class metro experience. The trainsets are custom-designed for Mumbai. Themed on Dynamic Fluidism that takes inspiration from the city, the train prioritises high interior density layout to maximise space efficiency. The trainsets will be able to accomodate at least 3000 people on a single trip, easing daily commute for Mumbaikars.”

Earlier Alstom had unveiled the life-sized mock-up of the trainset for Mumbai Metro Line 3 (Aqua Line) showcasing how the new, iconic and exclusive design for Mumbai meets all technical and manufacturing parameters. The mock-up had also provided a glimpse of the advanced features that will make daily commute substantially easier for millions of citizens in the city.

The design takes of the train set takes inspiration from the positive energy of Mumbai and architecture of the city–which is an amalgamation of different styles from around the world. The theme captures evolution of the city’s architectural landscapes over the years. The exterior theme is a tribute to the energy flowing through the city of Mumbai – the city that never sleeps. Inspired by the vital flow of water and aspiring to be a fast, efficient and sustainable mode of travel, to become the new lifeline for the people of Mumbai.

The interior colour harmony is inspired by the people of Mumbai–always on the move, who turn to the sea for peace and are soothed by its waves and breeze. This inspired the idea to use a unique blend of comfort (beige) and freshness (arctic green) to provide a relaxing and refreshing travel experience.

Meanwhile Alain also reasserted the company’s promise on augmenting the company’s manufacturing capacity “As announced earlier, we are on track to double our manufacturing capacity at SriCity – from 240 to 480 trainsets per annum. The factory is currently executing orders for Chennai Metro, Montreal Metro (Réseau Express Métropolitain) and Mumbai Metro Line 3. Alstom recently won a contract with Sydney’s NRT to supply the rolling stock and signalling system for the next stage of Sydney Metro. 23 six-car fully-automated Metropolis trains for the project will be manufactured at our SriCity facility.”

The Aqua Line trainsets will feature a host of safety elements including CCTV cameras, smoke detectors, emergency intercoms, fire extinguishers with wider detrainment doors to quickly evacuate passengers in case of an emergency. The inclusive design of trainsets will serve to the differently-abled individuals with ease of travel and includes dedicated space for wheelchair in every car. The overall exterior and interiors of the trainset are inspired by the undying energy of Mumbai and its people who are always on the move and hustle all day long.

The Aqua Line has 27 stations (26 under-ground & 1 at-grade), 33.5-km long underground stretch connecting the busiest and most congested regions in Mumbai – one of the fastest growing cities in India. The metro line will connect Cuffe Parade business district in the extreme south of the city to Santacruz Electronics Export Processing Zone in the north-central. The Aqua Line will be the first underground metro line in Mumbai and will be one of the longest underground continuous stretches in India.

Alstom will also train maintenance and operations staff for the project. It is also the first time that any metro train in India will have 75 per cent motorization, enabling quick acceleration and deceleration thereby bringing about greater efficiency in operations. The trains will also be equipped with a regenerative braking system aiding a significant reduction in carbon emissions. In addition to the above features, it is the first UTO (Unattended Train Operation) project in Mumbai.


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