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Asian Paints presents ‘Beautiful Homes Studio’ in Guwahati

Asian Paints presents ‘Beautiful Homes Studio’ in Guwahati

Asian Paints has opened Beautiful Homes Studio in Guwahati, ushering in a new era for the vibrant city’s opulent interior design. Asian Paints is well-known for its signature creativity and capacity to turn areas into warm havens.

Asian Paints’ second studio in India, the Beautiful Homes Studio in Guwahati, intends to change the decor landscape in the area and act as a gateway to the North-East India market. With its roughly 16,000 square feet spread over two stories, the studio provides the energetic city with a special fusion of style and utility. It claims that with its wide range of products and creative in-store experiences, it will raise the bar for home decor. The company has always been in the forefront of improving client experiences. The innovative home décor brand reinforces its dedication to reinventing luxury goods and improving the home décor consumer journey with the opening of this new studio.

This elegant studio, which offers over 2700 SKUs of furniture, fabrics, rugs, bedding, wallpaper, blinds, fitted wardrobes, artefacts, and lighting, offers discriminating clients an unmatched experience in style and elegance. It features an exquisite assortment of lights, furniture, furnishings, and lifestyle accessories that have been expertly chosen. Many well-known designers, like Sabyasachi, Sarita Handa, and Jaipur Rugs, among others, are also based out of the studio. Anticipated to emerge as a leading destination for aficionados of home décor, the store offers an extensive selection of superior products that are intended to convert areas into sophisticated and hospitable dwellings.

Every category has been carefully chosen to accommodate the wide range of interests and preferences of the clientele, guaranteeing that every home may be exquisite. The fabrics and rugs are available in a variety of textures and patterns to complement any interior style, and the furniture range includes both traditional and contemporary styles. The shutters and wardrobes offer design and functionality, while the wallpaper and bedding provide a touch of comfort and elegance.

Integration of technology

Beautiful Homes Studio provides a range of distinctive in-store experiences that are intended to improve consumer pleasure and engagement, going beyond simple product presentation. Customers can use tablets to explore the studio’s offers through a tailored digital journey, visualising products that are not on exhibit and seeing how they might look in their own homes. This virtual voyage guarantees a customised and engaging shopping encounter. Customers may also watch in-depth films of the bedding sets by scanning the QR codes on the box, doing away with the requirement to open packages in order to see the products. This creative touch maintains a tidy and effective shopping experience.

A centralised tablet control system for lighting is another aspect of the studio that makes it simple for clients to operate and choose the ideal lighting options for their houses. By streamlining the selecting process, this flawless technological integration improves the purchasing experience. By showcasing distinctive local artwork, the Beautiful Homes Studio engages with the community and enhances the comfort and customisation of the shopping experience. Our goal in being present in this important metropolis is to reach a wider audience and adapt to the changing needs and desires of people living in Northeast India as well as those living in this area.

A major focus on hospitality is also placed at the brand-new Beautiful Homes Studio, Atrio, which is situated on NH37, Lokhra Guwahati. Every client is made to feel cherished and welcomed. Asian Paints plans to carry on its heritage of turning houses into gorgeous homes one chic piece at a time with the opening of the new studio.

For more details visit us : https://www.asianpaints.com/


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