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CERA launches Innovative Water Saving Urinal

CERA launches Innovative Water Saving Urinal

CERA, India’s premium home solutions provider in sanitary ware, faucets and tiles, has launched a futuristic and innovative water saving urinal– CERA CORE.The core of the design idea of this urinal stems from the water scarcity which looms over many cities in India. CERA’s designers conceived the concept of a three-in-one product, viz, urinal with integrated wash basin and together with it a sensor tap. The water used for washing the hand is channelized for surface cleaning and flushing of urinal. On an average 2 litres of water is used by a person per use—including flushing and washing. Compared tothis, CERA CORE urinal uses just 400 millilitre of water, thus saving 1,600 millilitre per use. Installation of this urinal in public wash rooms will result in substantial saving of water—close to 6 lakh litres of water per annum, in a washroom visited by 1,000 persons per day, not to speak of other consequential savings like energy

Atul Sanghvi, Executive Director& CEO of CERA, said, “CERA believes that there is a need for greater innovation in tackling water scarcity across the country. The concerns of most cities becoming water scarce in the next few years should propel not just the conservationist in us but also the innovator. We believe CERA CORE urinal uses very simple innovation to solve an everyday water issue. CERA promises to take water scarcity very seriously and will aim for a greater range of sustainable products across its portfolios.”

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