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CESC Park Circus Distribution Station becomes the first substation in India

CESC Park Circus Distribution Station becomes the first substation in India

CESC Limited, Kolkata, Distribution Station, located at Park Circus, has become the first such station in India to achieve Gold Certification under LEED V4.1 EB OM.

It is also the first substation in India to be LEED-certified in any way. GBCI is India’s foremost authority on sustainability in building design, construction, and operation and is a part of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) that provides independent oversight of professional credentialing and project certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating system.

 CESC has earned this certification on the merit of its various green initiatives. The facility has achieved more than 10% reduction in power consumption and has installed aerators and water meters to make water usage more efficient. Initiative was taken for Rain Water Harvesting also in the station, with the arrangement for ground water recharge. Moreover, the building houses a grid connected Rooftop Solar System which ultimately helps to reduce the energy drawl from the grid. A “Green Cleaning” policy has been implemented to encourage the use of green chemicals for cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, an integrated pest management plan has been developed to encourage the use of non-toxic pesticides. To ensure proper Waste Management, daily waste is segregated correctly and monitored on a regular basis for proper disposal.

LEED is an international symbol of excellence in sustainability and green building leadership. It signifies that a building is reducing carbon emissions, conserving resources, reducing operating costs, prioritizing sustainable practices, and creating a healthier environment. LEED helps companies meet their ESG goals and provides investors with a robust and globally recognized green building framework to measure and manage real-estate performance. LEED EBOM measures the performance of a building on five parameters: energy, water, waste, transportation, and human experience.

Debasish Banerjee, Managing Director (Distribution), CESC, said “We as a responsible Power Distribution Utility, optimise, recycle & reuse the resources in our buildings and premises to make them sustainable in the long run. In this sincere endeavour of ours, we are continuously trying to improve the quality of life of our people & planet that we serve, by creating a clean ecosystem. We are very happy to be the recipient of the LEED GOLD V4.1 EB OM certificate conferred by USGBC for our Park Circus Distribution Station and proud to achieve the distinction of being the first Distribution Station in our country to receive this recognition. This prestigious award provides us further impetus to scale up our efforts to power a sustainable future.”

Gopalakrishnan Padmanabhan, Managing Director – Southeast Asia & Middle East of GBCI India, said, “CESC has set a worthy example of how power utility substations can operate efficiently while being mindful of environmental impact. India has made strong climate commitments that need to be fulfilled over the coming decades, and these goals can only be achieved when companies across industries and sectors prioritize sustainability. We congratulate CESC on achieving the LEED V4.1 EB OM certification for its Kolkata substation, and encourage other power utility facilities to similarly step up their green initiatives.”

It is worth mentioning that RPSG group now has ten certified Green Buildings including CESC House (LEED Platinum), RPSG House (IGBC Platinum), Quest Mall (IGBC Platinum), Chakmir Substation (IGBC Platinum), Haldia Admin Building (IGBC Platinum), Quest Residency Haldia (Pre-certified IGBC Gold), NPCL Corporate office (LEED Gold), NPCL Customer care office (LEED Gold) and the Saregama Mumbai office (IGBC Gold).

For more info visit : https://www.cesc.co.in/





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