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Classic Terracotta Exteriors, Built for Eternity!

Classic Terracotta Exteriors, Built for Eternity!

A lot depends on the exterior design of a building! And the minds at Wienerbergerare working tirelessly to develop products that are not only unique but ensures designs that are timeless and style that is effortless. No doubt Wienerberger’s Aspect Clay Ventilated Façade is fast becoming Architects’ first choice across India. Aspect Façades imbibe the lasting qualities unique to clay, while at the same time, provides timeless aesthetic appeal. These are dry cladding, ventilated façade systems (with louvers) that unites the advantages of two worlds of construction technology, making it a building technique of the future.

The warm, natural look of terracotta is combined with a more contemporary rainscreen curtainwall system to produce a truly advanced exterior wall system with these great advantages:

Clay, 100% Natural: A correctly executed facade cladding, with clay façade tiles, is an excellent heat insulator. Thanks to its mass, ceramic has a high heat buffering capacity. The effect is as if the house were sheathed in a continuous second skin.

Ventilated: The Aspect Façadesystem allows air to circulate behind the panels to provide pressure equalization, preventing water from being drawn into the building. Additionally, a vapor barrier on the outside face of the back-up wall acts as a final air and water barrier.

Thermal & Sound Insulation: The major conductivity of thermal bridges with respect to the adjacent constructive elements is a critical point in buildings’ coverings. In these areas stain, mold formation and the deterioration of constructive components may occur; as a consequence, this can lead to increased energy dissipation. Thanks to the installation of an insulator from outside without solution of continuity, the ventilated façade system allows to create an easy and advantageous reduction of thermal bridges.

Aspect Ventilated Façades create a constant thermal and acoustic insulation: the joints between the panels, the air gap ensures a strong reduction of noise pollution. The use of burnt clay increases the acoustic performances, granting an excellent behavior with regards to rain and hail as well as closing off external noises.
Design Flexibility: Aspect Facades enhances the aesthetics of the building lending a modern touch to the design with traditional material. The tiles can be effortlessly combined with Steele, aluminium, glass or wood, it is elegant, natural & timelessly perfect.

Marketed by Wienerberger, world’s leading and most trusted manufacturer of building materials with a heritage of 200 years, Aspect range of facades are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes while offering robust installation and technical support as well. The facades are made entirely from natural raw materials derived from a sustainable source to create a pleasing effect inside the building. By keeping the heat from entering inside, a cool and comfortable indoor climate is ensured.

Timeless Elegance!
Aspect facades are made of natural, environment-friendly clay material enhanced with:

  • Superior finish, weather-resistance, fast color- the ceramic colors remain intact even when exposed to rough weather.
  • High strength and tested safety make Aspect facades suitable for homes, offices and public buildings.

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