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CMC demonstrates innovation and design excellence at FOAID 2023

CMC demonstrates innovation and design excellence at FOAID 2023

India’s leading marble company, Classic Marble Company (CMC), took center stage as a prominent participant at the prestigious FOAID Mumbai 2023 event held at the Jio World Convention Centre on August 18th and 19th. The two-day extravaganza showcased cutting-edge products and ideas, while CMC’s booth stood out as a hub of innovation and architectural finesse. CMC’s booth, a grand display of creativity and design prowess, was inaugurated by distinguished personalities – Mr. Rajmal Nahar, President of Real Estate Projects at Reliance Industries, and Mr. Steven Clem, Principal Architect at TVS Design and Architect of Jio World Convention Centre & NMACC. Their presence highlighted the significance of CMC’s contribution to the architecture and design community.

“We are thrilled to have been a part of FOAID Mumbai 2023. This event has given us the opportunity to showcase our dedication to innovation, design, and sustainability. The presence of industry leaders like Mr. Rajmal Nahar and Mr. Steven Clem at our booth inauguration is a testament to our commitment to excellence,” says Mr. Amit Shah, Managing Director of CMC.

At the heart of the event, CMC’s booth showcased an impressive array of products that left a lasting impact on attendees. Among the highlights were select 9th Avenue products and natural stones, showcasing a blend of elegance and opulence. Attendees were captivated by the breathtaking display of KalingaStone Marble and the retro designs of the Terrazzo collection. The unveiling of the new veined Quartz collection featuring exquisite pieces like Calacatta Venezia, Calacatta Pristine, Crystal Serene, Crystal Bliss, Calacatta Nero, and Calacatta Lazzo left a lasting impression on design enthusiasts.

“The highlight of CMC’s participation was hosting The Design Manthan, an enthralling conference that facilitated an engaging exchange of ideas within the architecture and design fraternity. It brought together some of the most creative minds in the industry, sparking thought-provoking discussions through a series of panel sessions, presentations, talks, and debates. It served as a platform to nurture innovative thinking and foster collaboration, aligning perfectly with our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design excellence,” adds Mr. Shah.

CMC’s booth also displayed Kalesinterflex, demonstrating the union of form and function, while the specially curated display of the Undesign wall at The Design Manthan section redefined spatial aesthetics. The revelation of the seven new Quartz Calacatta range showcased the innovative capability of CMC, further enriched by the array of natural marble finishes that stood as proof of CMC’s commitment to quality.

Several well-known architects, including Steven Clem, Husna Rahman, Hafeez Contractor, Reza Kabul, Carl Bhesania, and Sunil Gambani, to name a few, admired the collection, especially the newly introduced line of Quartz with veined patterns and Natural Marble & Finitura.

“CMC’s presence at FOAID has not only enriched the event but has also solidified its position as a pioneer in the architecture and design domain. Our ability to fuse innovation with aesthetics has garnered appreciation from attendees and industry peers, making it a standout contributor to the event’s success,” concludes Mr. Shah.

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