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CMC introduces translucent porcelain slabs

CMC introduces translucent porcelain slabs

Classic Marble Company (CMC) has introduced a translucent porcelain slab – Yellow Onyx from its Kalesinterflex range. The yellow porcelain slab exhibits swirls in a darker shade across its surface and easily resembles the natural Onyx. When lit from the rear, the illuminated slab displays vibrant hues of gold, glowing up the adjoining space. The application ensemble creates an aura of exuberance and romance in the installed area.

One of the most distinguishing features of the product is its flexibility. With a 5.5m range of flex, the slabs can be installed over concave and convex surfaces and the patterns too can be customized to suit the décor. The feature allows engraving on the slab surface to design curves or even combine patterns merged with other products to form beautiful backlit structures.

The slick 3mm Yellow Onyx slab is extremely light in weight which makes it convenient for various vertical applications such as for bathroom walls and wall highlighters. The 3000mm x 1000mm size makes it a perfect product for worktop applications such as bar counters, tabletops and reception counters, among others. Yellow Onyx is the next best alternative to the natural Onyx stone for backlit applications with engraved patterns.
Kalesinterflex are thin, light weight slabs that offer ease in handling for wall cladding and façade applications. Being a porcelain material, the product is hard, highly resistant to fire, scratch, water and dust. Its smooth surface does not retain dirt making it almost completely maintenance-free. The Yellow Onyx is manufactured in Covid-19 safe environment.


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