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Commercial complexes lean towards tiles in matt finish and subtle colours

Commercial complexes lean towards tiles in matt finish and subtle colours

Amit Shah, Managing Director, Classic Marble Company offers a run down on selection of tiles for living spaces and commercial establishments.

When it comes to selection and utilization of tiles in commercial establishments vs residential establishments, how does it differ?
In commercial structures, not just the exteriors of a building but also interior portions are covered. Since tiles are heavy-duty and offer wide variety in colours, designs and sizes they are a preferred choice in commercial establishments. Lots of areas such as entrance, lobby, escalator or lift premises observe heavy movement of goods and people which necessitates usage of sturdy, stain resistant, easy to use and low maintenance tiles. Moreover, commercial premises prefer non-reflective surfaces, formation of mirror images or other hindrances in work areas. Rustic colours or matt finishes are preferred. Commercial premises are usually large size areas hence application of large size slabs are considered best. These are not only easy to install but also offer ease in maintenance due to less grouts. Since there are minimum joints, the surface looks seamless offering greater aesthetic impact which is one of the most important factors in the commercial premises.
In the residential space, preference is given to functionality as well as aesthetics hence different types of tiles are chosen for different areas. Entrance and lobbies are made to look affluent and beautiful hence highlighters are merged with interiors whereas escalator areas are subtle. Vibrant colours are used at specific intersections to break the monotony in design. Residential establishments use glossy tiles with attractive designs as well as soft colour tones in matt finishes based on functionality of the space. For instance, pool areas, kids’ zones, play areas, terraces will have matt finish tiles whereas entrances, intersections may use glossy finish.

What kind of tiles are best suited for colonial buildings and heritage structures?
Matt finish with soft tones, rustic designs and conventional look are recommended in heritage structures.

What kind of tiles are most suitable for commercial complexes and malls?
Eco-friendly, large size tiles with flexibility feature and homogeneous body are recommended. Slim body tiles make vertical
installation easy. Besides being sturdy and low on maintenance, the material must give ample choices in colours and patterns with customization possibilities. Malls and commercial complexes are large areas and hence architects get enough opportunity to be innovative and unique in their designs. They prefer to blend different colours to form designs that signify the existence or purpose of the structure. Malls prefer glossy tiles with striking designs since it is meant to attract customers. Most high-end
tiles are digital tiles. They offer great looks and superior quality to withstand tough weather conditions. Commercial complexes lean towards tiles in matt finish and subtle colours.

What are some of the star products in your product portfolio?
Kalesinterflex: This is a new generation porcelain product from one of Turkey’s oldest and world’s most renowned ceramic tiles manufacturers. The porcelain slabs are extremely light, tough, durable, and resistant to fire, water and dust. These are the most popular choice in façade applications, especially for tall structures. The distinguishing aspect of this product is the flexibility radius of 5.5m, allowing for the tiles to be installed on concave and convex surfaces.
Quadra: Through a strategic tie-up with the Indonesian tiles maker PT Quadra ‘Dinamika Internasional’, CMC offers the Indian market a new hi-tech, extra-large format porcelain slab product. Quadra’s surface is evenly textured, non-porous, and resistant to chemicals, scratching and fire, satisfying all the primary requirements for a functional façade application. Made using environmentfriendly, sustainable material, Quadra slabs are extremely strong, durable and are low on maintenance.


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