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Elegant bathtubs from Jaquar Group

Elegant bathtubs from Jaquar Group

In today’s fast-paced life, stress and pressure are preventing us from living fulfilling, happy lives. The need to relax and rejuvenate has never been felt more. We could regain our peace of mind and physical health simply by letting water work its magic on us – just like it has done for thousands of years, with ponds, streams and waterfalls. Jaquar Wellness solutions offer an advanced and exquisite range of bathing products that use water to restore physical and mental wellbeing. Bring home the soothing power of hydro massage, airpool jets invigorating steam, chromotherapy lights and much more.

For those who have the luxury of space in their bathroom; a chic, freestanding Jaquar Group bathtub placed away from the walls makes a stunning statement of style and elegance. One can choose from the wide range of Alaska, Julia, Queen, Eggy and Saipan bathtubs. Light up an aromatic candle or two while you soak in the bubble bath and unwind.


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