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Elematic precast plants offer a great degree of automation

Elematic precast plants offer a great degree of automation

Apart from project requirements the level of automation desired is also determined by project economics, cost of labour and availability says Shridhar Rao, Sales Head India, Elematic India Pvt Ltd

Using form liners, how is it possible for precast concrete to assume different designs?
Form liners are basically used to form different patterns and architectural designs on façade panels . They do not help change on design of the wall elements . Elematic has special Table forms that can be used with vacuum system to use Form liners and Graphic concrete templates to produce beautiful architectural Precast wall panels

How is BIM changing precast concrete?
Building information Modelling is changing the construction industry in a big way by introducing Virtual Platform Modelling of Construction projects . BIM brings all the stakeholders of a project on to a single platform and working on a single project .BIM model hence any changes are well coordinated and all the quantity extractions are taken out from the model. Mapping of cost and time is also possible during the project phase hence complete digitalization of the construction project where the Owner and consultants are on current updated model and on top  of all changes is possible . This results in getting project executed efficiently and faster .BIM input can also be fed to machines for Precast production and also well-coordinated with project team at site hence achieving seamless communication and projects scheduling

How is 3D printing helping precast in offering custom designed solutions? Can you cite some national or international examples?
3D printing is quite different from Precast. Precast is majorly a offsite process  and used Plant and machinery to produce Precast elements and 3D printing is a robotic onsite process . 3D printing is still at inception stage and Precast has already well developed solutions for Residential / Commercial and industrial buildings.

What kind of automation is being witnessed in precast plants to make the process less labour intensive?
Automation is available to a very high degree in Elematic Precast plants . But the project requirement determines what level of automation is desired which is linked to project economics and cost of labour and availability. Precast inherently is a process in which labour intensity is reduced by the factory manufacturing procedure.

Elematic has 3 levels of automation available


  1. SEMI precast Plants : Start up plants with lower degree of automation capacity up to 1 million Sq.ft BUA/ year
  2. PRO precast Plants : Medium capacity plants with higher degree of automation capacity up to 3 million Sq.ft BUA/ year
  3. EDGE Precast Plants : Large capacity plants with highest degree of automation capacity up to 3 million – 10 million Sq.ft BUA/ year and above




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