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Escorts CE aims to strengthen global presence

Escorts CE aims to strengthen global presence

Escorts Construction Equipment has been doing well in the exports market, particularly on the backhoe loader front. Having captured a sizable market in Nepal in quick time and exporting regularly to Middle-East, the reach was expanded to Latin America and the same is planned for a big time ramp up. With contemporary hydraulics and drive axles, the company realised that it was important to get an international calibre engine fitted on Escorts backhoe loader DIGMAX-II. The structure of the machine is robust enough for the targeted application segments.

On the eve of International Day of Escorts Limited, a series of tractors were unveiled for the international market. Construction equipment comprising of cranes and compactors were also unveiled on 6th September at a function held in Faridabad.

CEO of Escorts Construction Equipment Ajay Mandhr presented Escorts backhoe loader DIGMAX-II P. This backhoe loader has been designed and developed especially for South American, South African and Middle East markets, informs Rajinder Raina, GM – Marketing, Escorts Construction Equipment Ltd.

DIGMAX-II P is powered by a 100-HP Perkins diesel engine which has international level contemporary homo-location and can be serviced locally to the wide network of Perkins service sectors. According to Raina, this addresses the major concern of the customers. This engine is highly dual efficient with performance characteristics to endure heavy duty and continuous workload. The heat balance of the engine is its USP which makes it fit enough to work in temperatures ranging from (-) 20 to (+) 50 degrees.

DIGMAX –II P boasts of a robust structure design to withstand hostile working conditions making it suitable for a varied range of applications. “Performance of the machine can match the best in the world as measured on productivity per hour, fuel used per cubic metre of output delivered and cost maintenance. It is highly competitively priced for the international market,” informs Raina. “We expect it to make inroads and establish itself in quick time. On 7th September, we had the international dealer conference and the response from the dealers was really encouraging with on the spot bookings, beyond our projected or expected numbers.”


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