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Evolution of Fenestration: From aesthetics to sustainability

Evolution of Fenestration: From aesthetics to sustainability

The evolution of fenestration has witnessed changes in terms of design as also material and there is an attempt to make them sustainable as well

There are numerous features which make a building aesthetically pleasing to look at apart from ensuring it remains healthy for its occupants. One such feature which has been quite prominent even in heritage buildings as also the modern-day marvels is its fenestration. Fenestration or the arrangement of doors and windows as it is known as in simple terms has also witnessed an evolution of its own. Then there are facades and building envelopes which matter a lot in the contemporary scene. From the sacred principles of Vaastu to the contemporary high-rises draped in glass fenestration continues to be one of key aspects in architecture, building and construction.

Nandita Ghatge, Designer, Kagal Craft points out “Fenestration is an important part of architecture design, giving the building its unique character. It’s a very important aspect and tool in the hands of the architect. This is what defines the inherent and main character of the building.Fenestration is a form of facade treatment in construction and with a balanced openings in the building. This is normally designed as windows, doors, arches, louvers, vents, skylights, storefronts, curtain walls, brick walls and glazed glass surfaces. The structure of fenestrations in the ancient buildings would often have many decorative elements like sculptures. The stone would be dressed with different architectural ornamentation. It was often a exquisite display of artistic showing the grandeur of the building. We have some fine examples of this superb workmanship in the colonial buildings of Ballard pier, Mumbai.”


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