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Facility management goes high tech with SILA Connect

Facility management goes high tech with SILA Connect

SILA has invested in customised facility management software called ‘SILA Connect’ that allows the operating teams and clients to optimise and monitor service delivery on-the-cloud.

Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) Terminal 2 (T2) is a state-of-the-art terminal, spread across 4 levels, with a design that integrates facets of Indian culture and heritage with operational efficiency, servicing 40 million passengers annually. SILA services three sections of Terminal 2:
• Jaya He Art Wall
• GVK First & Business Class Lounges – International and Domestic
• Niranta Airport Transit Hotels.

Scope of work
Jaya He Art Wall
In November, 2013, SILA was appointed to provide cleaning and maintenance services at the 3.2 km long indoor multi-levelled art museum called, ‘Jaya He’. The ‘Jaya He’ program displays different kinds of artworks and exhibits that capture Indian culture and puts it on display for the world to see. The artwork on display includes ancient sculptures, statues, huge wind chimes, maps made of e-waste and glass, and wood and stone artefacts. The SILA Team was entrusted with the responsibility to create SOPs and Cleaning Manuals for each exhibit on display.

Satisfied with the processes implemented and services provided by SILA, the CSIA team appointed SILA’s Project Management and Interior Fit-Out team to design and fit-out a store for the Jaya He Program.

First & Business Class GVK Lounges
SILA was awarded the contract to manage the GVK first- and business-class lounges at the international and domestic gates at T2. SILA was responsible for ensuring seamless service delivery and hospitality to all passengers using the lounges. SILA worked with the Lounge Team to set the service levels as per international best practices in hospitality with regard to housekeeping and kitchen stewarding services. The team members from SILA were also awarded for their honesty and unconditional work ethic by CSIA and the Lounge Team.

Niranta Airport Transit Hotels
Initially, SILA was given the contract of the first Niranta Transit Hotel, but witnessing the team’s exemplary performance, the Niranta team desired SILA’s services at all Niranta Airport Transit Hotels.

For the Jaye He Art Program, there was a requirement to curate specific, first of a kind SOPs for each art installation along the Jaya He Art Wall.

Keeping the unique requirements in mind, SILA employed the services of art consultants to carefully study each exhibit and create specific cleaning and maintenance procedures. In parallel, a highly experienced cleaning team was assembled to get trained in handling of such valuable art work and the focus of the training program was to make the team understand the uniqueness of each exhibit, which was quite different from the usual soft services training given. The team was selected after high-level screenings and the training filled in the gaps wherever necessary.

There was a close deadline given for the art wall which SILA managed to work with. SILA has had prior experience of working on services and projects with very tight timelines and constantly changing variables, but yet delivering all projects well within those deadlines and SILA managed to do the same for Jaya He.

Technology Usage and Solutions
SILA Connect – In order to integrate the use of technology to improve on the service delivery, SILA has invested in customised facility management software called ‘SILA Connect’. SILA Connect is a software that allows the operating teams and clients to optimise and monitor service delivery on-the-cloud. This platform helps to:
• Capture and analyse data through training and operations: The operations audit report filled by the Facility Manager has the detailed report of the site operations which includes record maintenance of the attendance book, stock register, duty allocation, job card, log book, employee details file, document master file, washroom checklist, supervisor checklist and site grievances i.e. any difficulties faced by staff on site.
• Track the performance of each employee on a monthly basis: Performance Rating module gives a precise report for every employee on the basis of quality of work, knowledge, attendance and training needs.
• Keep a tab of equipment and machinery performance on site with respect to status, knowledge and the condition of the equipment/machineryand also gives an understanding of the service outcomeat regularintervals.
• Extrapolate analytics and insights: This is a detailed analysis of the site with regard to site performance, client feedback, employee performance and training needs.


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