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FEM designs 21 m2 office space in Denmark

FEM designs 21 m2  office space in Denmark

The young and interdisciplinary architecture and design studio FEM has set up shop on the site of an old freight railway yard in Aarhus, Denmark. Here the not-for-profit organization “Institut for (X)” provides workspace for a range of disciplines and initiatives as a kind of laboratory for urban experiments.

With its “tiny house”-style office with a floor plan of just 21 m2 , FEM is showcasing a future-proof, flexible concept. This stringent approach to the efficiency of space and the use of solid, durable materials reduce the ecological footprint to a minimum.

Working practices in such a small space are optimally organized and there is no sense at all of being overly cramped. Alongside the space for the four employees, the mini office houses a kitchen, a toilet, and a break area. The Scandinavian-influenced interior design with its light wood, clear forms, and friendly colors guarantees a relaxed working atmosphere.

In the bathroom – just 1.5 m2 in size – the architects have pulled off a veritable miracle: it is light and airy with plenty of storage and a pleasant atmosphere. Space-saving products such as the Happy D.2 handrinse basin and the ME by Starck Compact wall-mounted toilet provide ample comfort even in the coziest of spaces. The built-in version of the L-Cube mirror cabinet, with mirrors on both sides, provides practical storage space and an interior power socket. The glare-free LED illumination on four sides guarantees optimum illumination up to 480 Lux at a pleasant 3,500 degrees Kelvin.


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