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Fima Carlo Frattini Unveils a New Outdoor Collection  

Fima Carlo Frattini Unveils a New Outdoor  Collection   

The all new collection is characterized by formal purity of the lines, which is available in three versions, all of them to ensure an enveloping experience.

 Fima Carlo Frattini is an Italian company that has existed for three generations. The continuous search for beauty and the spasmodic attention to every detail, from the choice of machinery, to the study of the components of a new product up to the development of its explanatory brochure, is what has always distinguished and characterized the brand. This well-known brand has launched the minimal and chic Ingiro Collection designed by Lorenzo Damiani Design.

Extreme practicality and total freedom of positioning are the main features of Ingiro: on one side, its ergonomics are designed for simple and immediate use; on the other it allows to shower wherever the flexible hose can reach thanks to a water connection that does not imply a fixed position of the element. Additionally, the concrete base provides stability in any situation.

The collection, characterized by formal purity of the lines, is available in three versions, all of them have a multiple micro-jets hand shower to ensure an enveloping experience: free-standing shower column, free-standing hand shower and wall-mounted sliding rail.

In the first version Ingiro becomes a classic outdoor shower column that can be placed anywhere. The hand shower can be tilted or detached and used freely to reach the desired body part. An innovative element for the sector is the foot operated button: with minimalist aesthetics, it allows to control the opening and closing of the jet in a practical and functional manner.

In the free-standing hand shower the stem just under a metre high supported by a concrete base holds a pull-out hand shower with extremely functional and contained dimensions. Thanks to a few accessories – a towel holder and a shelf circular in shape- this model can be transformed into an original “garden valet stand”. Through its simple yet detailed shapes, Ingiro marries a new idea of flexibility and dynamism, adding a decorative side to the outdoors also thanks to the different finishes: steel, light grey, light blue and green match the iconic light concrete base while the matt black base combines greatly with the dark concrete base with great refinement.

Lastly, the wall-mounted solution, also equipped with a tiltable and removable hand shower, is characterised by a contemporary look that makes it easy to place even in indoor contexts. A perfect expression of the new way of living en plein air, with its playful and unconventional imprinting, Ingiro expands Fima Carlo Frattini’s range of outdoor solutions characterised by high quality, maximum functionality and formal refinement.

 For more info visit: https://fimacf.com/en/outdoor-en/


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