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Flooring combines aesthetics with functionality of space and durability

Flooring combines aesthetics with functionality of space and durability

In this 21st century, magnificent décor has become essential to enhance the aesthetics of any personal premises. A better standard of living has become the epitome for all. Also, the rise in the disposable incomes of consumers has enabled them to improve their lifestyles and invest in luxurious housing renovations. People focus on the DIY concepts to renovate their spaces and have further established themselves as aspiring interior designers. It allows people to create spaces that reflect their vibrant personalities. Taking this into consideration, people have acknowledged the concept of sustainable interiors.

People are constantly looking for transformation with regard to recreating the interiors of their homes and offices spaces. The traditional ways of restyling spaces have completely evolved wherein a lot importance is given to interior décor and the aesthetic value through minimalism, eccentric décor and vivid colours. The key element of an elegant décor is tiles, as they set a pleasant tone for the interiors. Tiles are paramount to boost the visual decor. However, selection of tiles is hands down one of the most laborious task. Unlike furniture, tiles cannot be often replaced as placement of tiles is time consuming and high on investment. Flooring serves as the backdrop to an interior design scheme and, therefore, becomes integral to the ‘style’ of a space. So it becomes necessary to choose the right one.
Along with it, it’s important to recognize the purpose and usage pattern of the space. The choice of flooring also affects the functionality of the space. A fanatical detail to tiles is required for makeover of the space. However, the typical marble flooring has its own sustainability challenges. Hence, the choice of flooring affects the visual and tactile appeal of the space as well. With a plethora of options available in the market, it’s a challenge to choose the right flooring.

Apart from this, consumers perceive that an appropriately decorated home is a symbol of status. On account of this notion they have started utilising flooring solutions such as vinyl flooring to elevate their social image. Currently, the forecast of the vinyl industry seems encouraging by means of healthy growth with 2018 figures reaching a volume of 1060 million sq. metres.

Vinyl flooring, also known as resilient flooring, is made by combining natural and synthetic polymer materials which are placed in repeating structural units. Luxury Vinyl Flooring fabricates as the most innovative, versatile, and high-performing flooring. Luxury Vinyl Flooring is not only eco-friendly in production, but also in application, as cleaning does not require harsh chemicals and they also contain heat insulating properties to cut down on heating requirements.

While opting for the tiles for the premises, it is essential to consider the crucial factor of environment. We need to be vigilant and initiate steps towards being eco-friendly by inculcating usage of recycle material. It is a misconception that environment-friendly flooring is expensive. While adding new flooring to your home, consider tiles that are manufactured using sustainable materials for contemporary bathroom ideas or living room flooring ideas, making them a great choice for a greener home.

Sustainable flooring has some seamless benefits to offer such a good quality of air, the texture of tile prevents allergen infiltration, which makes it easier to remove dirt by simple cleaning.

Tile itself is a very green option but you should be concerned about the potential environmental impact of adhesives used for it. Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are gases that may be released into the air as a result of certain chemicals within finishes, sealers etc. One must utilise tiles of low VOC’s for your project to be greener.

Several tile companies are taking up responsibility and inculcating a strategy to engage with eco-friendly products. Tile manufacturing companies in India have also committed themselves to include plants close to natural resources, which decreases chemical emissions during transportation. Tiles are emerging as the aesthetic design drivers as well as a sustainable option for interiors.

With materials ranging from cement and concrete to wood etc. across different price points and formates the well-populated flooring category certainly has something for everybody.

Authored By:

Mr. Rishabh Agarwal,
Non-Executive Chairman,
Responsive Industries Ltd.


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