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Four double-height wall design ideas to instill a sense of grandeur into your spaces

Four double-height wall design ideas to instill a sense of grandeur into your spaces

Double-height walls instantly instill a sense of grandeur and luxury. And it is only fitting that we design it in a way that’ll help elevate the elegance quotient of the space. Be it experimenting with new materials or unique designs, one such wall is always a great opportunity to experiment.

And if you’re looking to be a little innovative with your design, we have four ideas in store for you. Read on to get inspired.

  1. Raise The Boldness With The Abstratto Gunmetal Panels


If you’re looking forward to making a memorable impression on your guests with your lobby design, the Abstratto panels can be an ideal pick. Gunmetal can definitely make a statement when used on surfaces with a large expanse. So ensure to style the remaining space minimally to let the wall work its charm. Gunmetal is best paired with muted tone furniture pieces and brass accents. Alternatively one can also pair it with exposed bricks, or corten steel sheets.


  1. Add An Artistic Touch With The Arcadia Concrete Panels


Tall walls left unattended in a living room might make the space look cold and clinical. But why waste one such golden opportunity when you can brighten it up with beautiful texture designs? The Arcadia concrete panels can easily help you add an artisanal touch to your interior spaces while also reflecting the beauty that lies in the imperfections of nature. Made using decorative concrete, these wall panels from Evolve India are entirely customisable to match your interior styling theme. Pair this with wooden floorings to add warmth to your interiors.


  1. Achieve An Earthy Glamor With The Inferno Rust Panels


The Inferno Rust is a perfect texture to create that one unique highlighter wall. The perfectly controlled oxidized look helps achieve a corten steel look and the texture adds a sense of depth to the space.  If you are a lover of earthy aesthetics, then you are sure to love this one. Rustic textures are best paired with marble to add a sense of softness and elegance.


  1. Give Your Walls An Abstract Royal Look With The Crackle Brass Panels


Abstract designs have proven to grab the eyeballs a lot more. So, if that is what you’re looking to achieve, the Crackle Brass panels can help you. Pair it with muted furniture pieces and some greenery and you’ve got yourself a space worthy of a second look. To help elevate the space, pair the brass metal panels with leather and wood. A well-thought accent wall not only adds interest but can also be a cost-effective method to spruce up any space. So, let your imagination run wild to help you create a lively ambiance in your projects or homes with a uniquely designed double-height wall.


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