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Give your home a festive makeover with Orvi Surfaces’ – Palacio Collection

Give your home a festive makeover with Orvi Surfaces’ – Palacio Collection

This season, transform your humble abode into a palatial dream with Palacio Collection by Orvi Surfaces


With festivities fast approaching, it’s time to make living spaces merry and bright. This season, transform humble abode into a palatial dream with Palacio Collection by Orvi Surfaces, a home décor brand known for creating innovative surfaces with a fine blend of craftsmanship & technology. Featuring a timeless interplay of vibrant colors, textures, and varied materials, Palacio collection instantly uplifts luxury interiors in an age-old fashion. Palacio Collection with its brilliant color palette and luxurious textures, immediately evokes a celebratory vibe.  Opulence meets warmth in this plush affair as the collection is anchored by a unique harmony of rich wood, stone and shimmering metal. Designed to suit contemporary living spaces, the state-of-the-art designs in this collection are minimal yet stately and are best suited for lobbies, living rooms, master bedrooms, highlighter walls and offices.



The most interesting aspect of this collection is the ability to create bespoke design options using these materials (wood, stone & metal) to suit any sort of sensorial experience. This collection’s identity and inspiration pay homage to the Spanish word for Palace and there’s no mistaking why with its regal and contemporary aesthetic. The intricate designs that make up this line of luxurious tilework is inspired by the grand palaces and castles where much of Europe’s royalty once resided. Within those walls, the finest compositions of stone, metal, and wood were used to create cohesive warmth that encapsulated the lives of kings and queens. Each wood inlay is surrounded by luminous metalwork, a process created by the hands of expert artisans, all of which sit on the pure hand-carved stone. The patterns in the Palacio collection demonstrate perfect symmetry while the grains in the wood ensure a flare of uniqueness in every piece. Orvi Surfaces has launched six designs under the Palacio Collection each representing a transitional to contemporary aesthetic. From curvy metal and wood inlays to more geometrical patterns, these surfaces look like a seamless tapestry on the floor, almost like ‘Art you could walk on’.



For more information visit: https://www.orvi.com/


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