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Great Fenestration Solutions for ACE

Great Fenestration Solutions for ACE

A report on most advanced fenestration solutions for Architects, Contractors and Engineers.

Windows and doors are the core products connecting the exterior with interior of a home or an office, currently when there is a trending high-rise with growing urban population there is a need for the architects engineers, and contractors to choose doors and windows wisely on factors like quality and safety. The most important factor these days is to meet modern architectural requirements by maintaining safety measures, need of the hour is to deliver effective solutions during emergency situations.

Geeta Aluminium has been serving the Indian market for more than 5 decade. Today its product range is displayed in various cities of India as “Geeta Gallery”; by rigorous research efforts it has designed profiles which cater any architectural challenge for both residential and commercial properties.

Slim Edition – Sliding System Windows
Geeta series has introduced a whole range of new sleek windows – 25 mm, 27 mm, 35 mm a system window series with large openings and sleek designs that gives an uninterrupted view of the world outside. It not only provides a one-touch smooth operation but also adds an elegant look to the aesthetics of surroundings. Alongside aesthetics, slim series has properties that shut out disturbances like noise, dust, water thereby ensuring good functionality and making the house feel comfortable.

Breakthrough features
Geeta Aluminium under its brand name offers Geeta Series – Aluminium system windows and doors. “Flawless designs, compatible hardware’s and right installation techniques make our system windows the finest. Efficient designs of our system windows provide solutions for cleaning, maintenance and proper water drainage structure. Our range of design opportunities gives freedom to custom-create the home of your dreams,” informs Kushal Bajaj, Executive Director, Geeta Aluminium Co. Pvt Ltd (Geeta Group).

Beside standardised Geeta Series range, the company also provide customised solutions based on customer requirements. Key factors which define a good window depends on the following functions:

• Air and water infiltration
• Sound resistance
• Rattle free and smooth operating
• Safety and security
• Ease of availability with low maintenance
• Value for money.

Bajaj adds, “We understand that aluminium extrusion gets its best shape only when the fabrication is good with its required hardware. We have interacted with lots of customers who had been having problem on aluminium doors and windows due to the poor quality hardware and material. We have done a thorough research on this with total dedication, as a result we use unprocessed aluminium which are tested under stringent conditions to never compromise on the quality and the services provided to the customer.”

Geeta Series – Thermal Break Window
After thorough research, most recommended innovation that Geeta Aluminium currently offers are the Thermal Break Windows.

High performance Geeta Series – Thermal Break
Windows meet energy efficiency standards, which help in reduction of heat gain through windows. Thermal Break windows are tightly shut to cut down outside heat and maintain room temperatures.

The company’s heat resistance windows keep homes precisely insulated in summers and come with allied multiple features:
• Polyamide strip gives optimised thermal insulation along with DG glass
• Glazing choice ranges from 8 mm – 24 mm (Triple glazing option is also available)
• Multi point locking available.

Lingel Doors & Windows
Glass house conservatories
Explaining the most advanced fenestration solution offered for architects, engineers and contractors Mario Schmidt, Managing Director, Lingel Doors & Windows technologies Pvt Ltd said, “The most advanced fenestration solution is the glass house conservatories. It has high-performance glasses which protect the inner side of the house from heating up. This kind of glass houses or conservatory has a shading system like a motorised sunblind which prevents direct sunlight from entering in. This is so advanced that at a click of a button from ones mobile or an app one can control it. The special feature allows one not to worry about unexpected storm or wind.” For instance he adds, “The motorised sunblind moves forward or backwards if it detects too much of movement. In the daytime, the house is protected from the direct sun and prevents the inner part of the room from heating. This product is made in Germany and hence it can be used by architects, engineers and even contractors. They have to give us the dimension and accordingly we plan and install the conservatory. Each of these is very carefully crafted keeping in mind the requirements. This also helps one enjoy smarter outdoor living and not worry about space.”

Breakthrough features
Informing about the breakthrough features of Lingel’s glass house conservatories Schmidt, says, “We can cover balconies and we can make living spaces especially in existing houses. These kinds of glass houses can be built on the rooftops of houses or even buildings since this is a non-permanent structure it does not create any hassle as they will be no objection by the officials. This is a very light construction and one do not have to worry about the weight and so the overall weight of the building does not get affected. And within eight weeks we can assemble a complete conservatory glass house in any building in India.”

Real Metal from LG Hausys India
LG Hausys India Pvt Ltd has recently launched new colour profile “Real Metal” which is available in dark brown, platinum silver and crystal gold colour. “It is one of the most advanced co-extrusion technology we have launched in India, looking forward to tap the premium market in the country,” says a Sr spokesperson from LG Hausys India Pvt Ltd.

It is coextruded technology having glittering appearance and it has no effects against strong sunshine (UV rays), humidity, scratch and dust. LG Hausys is providing 20 years weather ability on the product.

NCL Seccolor manufactures colour coated GI profiles in technical collaboration with Industrie Secco SpA, Italy. Being the systems are elegant, strong, energy efficient and green building product, the technology certainly well accepted among engineers, architects, contractors and builders. These sections are used to manufacture CCGI windows, doors, partitions and glazings as per project specifications.

Describing about the offering Satya Subram, Executive Director, NCL ALLTEK and SECCOLOR Ltd says, “Recently Seccolor introduced in Winspire range that looks like uPVC with strength of steel. This model is well accepted and becoming superior alternative to uPVC window. These systems are eco-friendly, envisages conserving wood and low consumption of fuel. Aluminium uses several times more energy than steel which means several times higher pollution. Today Seccolor is the India’s largest window manufacturer with its state-of-the-art plant in Medak, Telangana and 8 fabrication units located all across India.”

Breakthrough features
Energy Saving
Perfect overlapping of the window shutters on the main frames, EPDM gaskets around the glass and around the shutters are designed to give perfection sealing to eliminate leakages, that reduce load on air conditioners. Thereby deliver huge energy savings. Also controls noise, leakage of water and dust. These windows also have the provision of safety grills and mosquito net frames.

Seccolor windows are made of roll formed sections, closed, intricate shapes and without welding – that with stand high wind pressures exceeding IS standards.

Seccolor windows are tailor-made to suit the architecture using sleek profiles and available in wide range of colours and wood texture finish.
Seccolor profiles used for windows have multi layered protection by the following techniques:
• IS 513 CRCA steel
• 120 GSM Zinc as per IS 277
• 5-7 microns of Epoxy Primer
• 12-16 microns of polyester Top coat paint
• 5-7 microns of Alkyd backer
• Polyethylene film.

Technal sliding window with active acoustic and Soleal Sliding Window Amit Bhadu, Marketing manager, SAPA BS India Pvt Ltd share details about some of the offerings:

Technal sliding window with active acoustic
Combination of two complementary “passive” and “active” technologies, for an acoustic attenuation of up to 25 dB even with the window open
• Patented system
• Acoustic attenuation up to 25 dB i.e. 300 times less noise
• Developed in collaboration with the Gamba Group and the Marseilles Mechanical and Acoustic Laboratory which is a unit of the French National Centre for Scientific Research.

Soleal Sliding Window: Active acoustic window
• Passive technology: creation of side walls with acoustic absorber to reduce medium and high frequencies.
• Active technology: senses the sound wave, analyses it and generates an inverse sound which reduces the low frequencies.
• Integration of microphones in the window’s mullion frame and loudspeakers in one of the insulation side walls, all controlled by microprocessor.


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