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Innovative Design Studio presents Axolight collection in India

Innovative Design Studio presents Axolight collection in India

Innovative Design Studio (IDS), is the epitome of exquisite and unparalleled decorative lighting where light transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

With a profound understanding of the language of light, IDS transcends traditional illumination, infusing spaces with luxury and creating unique experiences.

IDS decorative fixtures go a step beyond illumination; they are exquisite works of art, blending masterful craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and unparalleled functionality. Each IDS fixture narrates a unique story, and every radiant glow evokes emotions, serving as statements of artistry meticulously crafted to reflect distinct styles and personalities. IDS is bringing elevated sophistication to the Indian market exclusively with Axolight. This globally renowned lighting brand, originating from Italy has illuminated prestigious projects worldwide. 

Cloudy by Axolight is a testament to IDS’s commitment to excellent craftsmanship. Designed by Dima Loginoff, Cloudy is a true luminous sculpture that dominates the space with its presence and diffuses a soft and cozy light. Five spherical elements of different dimensions wrapped in a semi-transparent elastic fabric, form Cloudy, a daydream with a strong evocative power.

Much more than a large suspension lamp: Cloudy is the result of an accurate study of the combination of volumes and homogeneous light diffusion, to obtain a balanced ensemble, playing with an asymmetrical arrangement of its parts.

As exclusive partners for the Indian market, IDS collaborates with globally renowned brands, including Brokis, Axolight, Lumina, Lobmeyr, Multiforme, Salansky, Beau et Bien, Martinelli Luce, Folio, Catellani & Smith, Lorenzon, Elite Bohemia, Zafferano, Crystal Caviar, and Serip. 

Innovative Design Studio is poised to redefine the decorative lighting landscape in India with its introduction of many globally renowned brands including Axolight, marking a new era of sophistication and artistic excellence in the realm of high-end design.

For more info visit : https://www.innovativedesignstudio.in/


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