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Jio-BP and TVS Motors collaborate on EV charging solutions

Jio-BP and TVS Motors collaborate on EV charging solutions

Jio-BP and TVS Motor Company have agreed to pursue the establishment of a comprehensive public EV charging infrastructure in the nation for electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers, building on Jio-BP’s network in this field. Customers of TVS electric cars are likely to have access to Jio-BP’s extensive charging network, which is also available to other vehicles.

The alliance seeks to create a standard AC charging network as well as a DC fast-charging network by using the strengths of both firms. This will be consistent with Jio-BP and TVS’ commitment to providing their customers with extensive and dependable charging infrastructure. In addition to developing solutions for a smooth customer journey on the TVS Motor and Jio-BP applications, both businesses will bring the best of their worldwide electrification learnings to the Indian market in order to create a distinctive customer experience that thrills the user.

Jio-BP operates its EV charging and switching stations under the Jio-BP pulse brand. Customers may use the Jio-BP pulse app to identify local charging stations and power their electric vehicles. In addition, with the goal of becoming one of India’s largest EV networks, Jio-BP is developing a charging environment that will benefit all stakeholders in the EV value chain.

TVS Motor Company has achieved tremendous advancements in the development of new electric mobility products and related technology. The TVS iQube, a high-speed electric scooter, has already sold over 12,000 units since its introduction. The TVS iQube is an electric vehicle that is smart, connected, and practical for consumers’ daily commuting needs. The corporation has committed Rs 1,000 crores to the EV industry, with a significant amount already spent. To pave the way for electrification, the business is preparing a comprehensive portfolio of two and three-wheelers ranging in power from 5 to 25 kW, all of which will be commercially available over the next 24 months.


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