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JK Tyre redefines transportation industry standards

JK Tyre redefines transportation industry standards

A revolutionary range of tyres has been unveiled by JK Tyre & Industries to satisfy the changing demands of the transportation industry in India. These innovative products are designed to meet the demands of environmental responsibility and operational excellence in the truck and bus radial tyre category. They prioritise performance, efficiency, and sustainability.

JK Tyre & Industries, a leading manufacturer of truck and bus radial tyres in India, has unveiled a cutting-edge lineup of tyres that are intended to satisfy the transportation industry’s changing demands. With the addition of four new variants—JETWAY JUM XM, JETWAY JUC XM, JETSTEEL JDC XD, and the ground-breaking JETWAY JUXe for electric buses—JK Tyre intends to further expand its Truck and Bus Radial line. JK Tyre’s commitment to offering cutting-edge, high-performance solutions that integrate exceptional performance, financial advantages, and environmental responsibility is demonstrated by the expansion of its product line.

For JK Tyre and its dedication to advancing sustainable mobility solutions, these new tyres represent an important turning point. JK Tyre is leading the way in transforming India’s transportation sector by providing tyres that improve performance, operational efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability.

“As a leader in this category, we have a deep understanding of the segment and feel a responsibility to introduce sustainable solutions with advanced technology,” says Anuj Kathuria, President (India), JK Tyre & Industries Ltd., during the introduction. Our most recent products show our steadfast dedication to providing high-performing, financially feasible, and ecologically responsible solutions. We are sure that fleet operators will find these tyres to be a trustworthy partner, guaranteeing safety while driving.

 The creation of these goods has been greatly aided by JK Tyre’s cutting-edge production techniques and sophisticated research and development facility in Mysuru. To ensure the highest levels of performance and quality, all four tyres have undergone rigorous testing in a range of environments. The four cutting-edge tyres are:


With an RRc value of 4.9 KN/n and a 4-Star Rating, the JETWAY JUM XM is the most energy-efficient model in its class. This cutting-edge tubeless tyre is made especially for buses and trucks, and it will redefine the standards for cost-effectiveness and fuel efficiency. For carriers, this means substantial fuel savings, which addresses a critical issue given that fuel prices make up around half of all operational costs in India. Furthermore, cutting fuel use will contribute greatly to lowering carbon emissions, giving the transportation sector a sustainable and profitable answer.


The company has introduced JETWAY JUC XM and JETSTEEL JDC XD tyres, two of its cutting-edge X-Series product lines, in response to India’s rapid infrastructural expansion. These two tyres have been engineered to match present demands while providing improved performance, longevity, and efficiency.

The JUC XM is a great option for tippers and trailers because of its amazing 10% longer tyre life, which also results in lower operating costs and better efficiency. In contrast, the JDC XD tyre is designed to withstand the rigorous demands of heavy-load transportation, guaranteeing dependable long-term performance in both on- and off-road environments. The tyre is designed to be used in tippers on drive and dummy axles and is renowned for its strength and endurance.


The JETWAY JUXe is a cutting-edge tyre in the market that is aimed to redefine sustainability and performance standards in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. It was specifically made for electric buses. Electric buses can drive farther between charges because to their low rolling resistance tyres, which improves efficiency and reduces operating costs. The JUXe is not only an energy-efficient tyre but also JK tyre’s first low-noise tyre, which is consistent with the company’s dedication to sustainability. Low-noise tyres are perfect for meeting the changing demands of India’s sustainable mobility landscape because they not only help to create a more tranquil urban environment but also encourage environmentally friendly transportation options.

Additionally, JETWAY JUXe tyres will be used on EV buses made by TATA Motors, exemplifying a cooperative effort to promote sustainability and innovation in public transportation sector in India.

For more information visit: https://www.jktyre.com/


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