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K-LITE unveils new product portfolio under architectural lighting

K-LITE unveils new product portfolio under architectural lighting

K-Lite Industries, an ISO company, manufacturing indoor and outdoor luminaires has launched a new series of LED architectural lighting.

Being the trendsetter in outdoor lighting and inspired by the “Make in India” vision, K-LITE, through its innovative outlook, has unveiled an all new product portfolio under architectural lighting. The application includes facade lighting, pathway lighting, in-ground luminaire, uplighter, up-down lighting, billboard lighting, vertical light bars, wall washers, area lighting poles and above all popular sleek polar lighting solutions.

The solutions offered are backed by extensive understanding of illumination in urban spaces and the expertise gained over a period of three decades. The fixtures are designed to provide value technology, ideally suited to Indian conditions. The LEDs used comply to LM 80 testing requirements and from internationally reputed makes such as Nichia and CREE. The luminaires are RoHS, LM 79 and CE certification compliant. The luminaire efficacy (lumens per watt) is much above 100 for all luminaires. Varied optical options for lighting distribution and correlated colour temperature (CCT) for cool white, neutral white or warm white are available to suit specific requirements.

The outstanding item of the series viz., the sleek polar lighting solutions is a contemporary design that is both timeless and unique in its impression. Compact without visible mounting equipment and optimised integration, polar lighting is in perfect continuity with the geometric lines of the square column. These assemblies are ideal for surroundings of contemporary architectural constructions.

Email: sales@klite.in
Tele: +91-9500079797, +91-44-26257710


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