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Lubrizol Advanced Materials wins CII National 5S Excellence Award 2022

Lubrizol Advanced Materials wins CII National 5S Excellence Award 2022

Lubrizol’s Dahej manufacturing plant achieved Platinum Rating Certification at 7th CII National 5S Excellence Awards

Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc., inventors, and the largest manufacturers of CPVC compound worldwide have won the CII National 5S Excellence Award 2022 and received the Platinum Rating Certification for its manufacturing plant at Dahej for excelling in implementation of 5S System.

The award was received by Ashvinkumar Patel – Site Leader & Jignesh Shah – Associate Manager Dahej Site at CII National 5S Excellence Awards held in Chandigarh on 12th October 2022.

National 5S Excellence Awards was incepted in 2016 by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for the manufacturing and service industries demonstrating successful implementation of the five-step methodology that aims to create and maintain a productive and organized workplace that reduces waste and increases efficiency. The concept of 5S constitutes the basic building block for competitive enhancement of industries across all sectors (both Manufacturing & Service). Given the importance of 5S concept, imbibing it shall help industry in marching ahead in domains of Competitiveness, Growth, Sustainability and Technology.

Lubrizol’s Dahej plant is the largest CPVC compounding plant in the country. Lubrizol supplies it’s FlowGuard Plus CPVC compound from this plant to its customers in South Asia. This plant has played a key role in enabling clean water supply to nearly 100 million homes in South Asia.

Commenting on the achievement: Mr. Scott Mold – General Manager TempRite Engineered Polymers, says “The recognition is a result of our commitment towards environment sustainability & work efficiencies.  We are honored to have been recognized by a prestigious industry body like CII. This achievement is a testimony towards our team’s contribution in implementing and sustaining 5S practice at our Dahej plant and I take this opportunity to thank my team for making Lubrizol a safe and productive workplace offering sustainable benefits to our customers.”

Around more than 75 industries participated for National 5S Excellence Award 2022, out of which 37 industries were qualified and invited for Final presentation at CII Chandigarh basis successful 5S system site audits by CII Accessor.

For more information visit: www.Lubrizol.com | www.flowguardplus.com



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