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NIC Honestly Natural Ice Cream opens an experiential outlet in Bandra

NIC Honestly Natural Ice Cream opens an experiential outlet in Bandra

NIC Honestly Natural Ice Cream, the fastest-growing ice cream brand in the country after having established itself as one of the most popular brands in India has now achieved another milestone by opening a new experiential outlet in Bandra to give a unique customer experience.

Customer experience has evolved now. People are coming up with new trends in the market and consumers have become much more diversified. With the same ideology in mind, NIC Honestly Natural Ice Cream collaborated with Studio5 on the inspiration, development, and making of these experiential outlets. The idea of making a worthwhile experience for all the customers is considered very important at NIC.

“NIC Honestly Natural Ice Cream wants all their customers to experience the entire range of products that we offer in a non-traditional way. Brands need to find a perfect balance between ‘Brick and Mortar’ and e-commerce to give an out-of-the-world experience when they step into any store by NIC. Collaborating with Studio5 has opened up a lot of options for us which we have started incorporating into our store’s experimental designs. We look forward to opening a new experiential outlet in Delhi after the successful launch in Bandra.” said Sanjiv Shah, Director, Walko Food Company Pvt Ltd.

NIC Honestly Natural Ice Cream has carried its thoughts as a brand and merged them into a design that has natural elements from flooring to ceiling. This store design will look perfectly in place on any kind of premise; at a mall, airport, or a stand-alone store. The natural elements that are put together to make this store unique are natural stone, plants and grass, wall artworks, and a screen in the ceiling.

“We have been working associates with NIC for a long time and we feel excited to collaborate with them to design their experiential outlet in Bandra. We wanted to carry forward the idea of naturalism at the store. The idea of placing a screen on the roof was to keep inspiring the customers who are walking in. We want everyone to experience the aura of the space that NIC Honestly Natural Ice Cream store has to offer. We have boldly opted for the screen as the main element in the ceiling in spite of the regular materials that are available in the market.” said, Mr. Sachin Khatpe, Director, Studio5.

The idea behind the main wall at the NIC experience center was that it should have all the natural elements presented in a simple yet elegant way. The graphic artwork on the wall showcases identities and locations picked from different parts of the world. Each and every element is thoughtfully placed in the artwork on the wall. This wall does justice to the tagline of the brand – “HONESTLY NATURAL”.

For more info visit : https://www.dineout.co.in/mumbai/nic-natural-ice-creams-bandra-west-bandra-


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