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Nirmal Automation: A preferred supplier of entry automation systems

Doors are not merely just a product or an object but an important part of any premises for safety, privacy and providing certain set of applications for a specific purpose. As India is commercialising and growing in multi-folds, doors have quite recently acquired importance in industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

India being an emerging market and one of the developing economies of the 21st century has ventured into globalisation which is more than a romantic word indicating the desire to integrate nation states within the framework of WTO thus has resulted in major outsourcing of manufacturing and service industries in India. Thus, these industries need to maintain certain quality standards for various products and service installation in their premises and offices.

Energy cost is on a constant surge every day and saving has become an important aspect which is directly proportional to the productivity of the organisation.

Nirmal Automation offers suitable products with competitive pricing at a reasonable timeframe with flawless installations and a prompt after-sales service. It is one of the preferred suppliers and service providers for entry automation systems.

Nirmal Automation supplies high speed roll up doors pertaining to various industries such as automobile, pharmaceutical, industrial and FMCG, for dust proof, contamination free, safety and security purpose. Its product innovation, superior craftsmanship, quality, expertise and customer support enable the company to provide products in line with international quality standards. These doors are certified from various international and Indian certification accredited bodies.

Its range of products include high speed doors, rolling shutters, sectional doors, self repairing doors, clean room doors, dock levellers, dock shelters, turnstile, automated gates and boom barriers.

A lot of parameters such as wind pressure, positive air pressure and number of operations need to be considered while installing industrial doors both for internal and external application. Lot of emphasis is given to commercial and residential premises where aesthetic value of the product is considered.

Nirmal Automation is associated with various international door manufacturers such as RIB (Italy), EFAFLEX (Germany), ELERO (Germany), DOORHAN (Russia), MANUSA (Spain) and DYNACO (Belgium).

Its major clientele includes Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, General Motors, Skoda, Tata Motors, Bajaj, Tetrapak, Lupin, Serum Institute, Nipro, Sandvik, Infosys, and Cybage.


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