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Orvi blends natural stone with handcrafted metal in its new collection

Orvi blends natural stone with handcrafted metal in its new collection

Bringing elegant and innovative surfaces to life by merging traditional techniques and materials from around the globe, Orvi presents a spectacular collection, ‘Skin’. Mastering the perfect harmony between luxury and modernity, Skin collection features a classic interplay of natural stone with handcrafted metal. Beauty begins beneath the surfaces as thin layers of metal are engraved meticulously on shaped sections of stone to deliver a picture-perfect contrast. A magnificent accompaniment for luxury spaces, Skin collection brings a vivid spectrum of designs to transform interior spaces.

The desired forms ranging from fossils to ferns to water lilies are first handcrafted on limestone and quartzite and embellished with brass, copper, aluminium or white metal inlays to form breathtaking and immersive designs. The intricate process involves a wooden hammer known as a mogri which is used with great precision to beat the sheet metal until it assumes the shape of the stone surface perfectly. To begin with, textures and contours are handcrafted on the base surface which ranges from natural stone to wood. A delicate sheet of metal is then spread over on the pre contoured surface then beaten by hand so that the texture is replicated on the metal sheet. This distinctive technique of hand-crafting surfaces using two unique materials, pure metal & natural stone, is very special and rarely found.

An artful medley of stunning floral patterns, Skin range imparts an everlasting feeling of opulence and allure. Skin collection promises a plethora of textural masterpieces that are sure to brighten any mundane space with an abundance of botanical wonder. Orvi’s commitment to work on creative innovative surfaces and protect ancestral saviour faire has led the brand to vouch for traditional handcraft. Constantly pushing the envelope for modern designing and timeless aesthetics, Orvi proves its prowess in innovative surfaces yet again in this splendid assortment.


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