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Over six thousand customers are using REBARCAD today

Over six thousand customers are using REBARCAD today

Jerome Charles, Head for Sales & Marketing at CADS Software India, at the WOC 2023 event, speaks about his product and solutions and new advanced technology in construction.

Our innovative software seamlessly automates complex construction and structural designs, reducing estimation time and enhancing efficiency by up to 50 percent.” Jerome Charles, Head for Sales & Marketing at CADS India

What kind of solutions did you present at World of Concrete India 2023?

At World of Concrete India 2023, our established UK-based company, with a 27-year history in India, showcases innovative software solutions. We specialise in automation for bar-bending schedules in 2D (AutoCAD) and 3D (Revit) platforms. Our plugin streamlines the manual process of creating bar-bending schedules, offering precision in quantity take-offs and estimations. With a global presence across 80 countries and a client base of over 6,000 satisfied customers, we serve major industry players like L&T, Tata Technologies, Jacobs, and Samsung. We’ve distributed over 70,000 copies of our software worldwide and are committed to revolutionising concrete-related processes for greater efficiency and accuracy.

How does your software preferred for construction and structural designs compare to existing tools?

Our solution for complex construction and structural designs is a game-changer. With 27 years of industry experience, we’ve filled a critical gap left by existing tools like CADs Pro. Our specialised software seamlessly integrates with AutoCAD, offering an easy-to-use 2D platform. It requires minimal training and boosts productivity by 30-40 percent. Plus, it automates bar-bending schedules, saving users 40-50 percent of estimation time.

Our software delivers substantial cost savings and speeds up project timelines, which is crucial in an industry where time is money. We also play a key role in transitioning to BIM (Building Information Modeling), especially in India, helping professionals shift from manual processes to digital, reducing financial losses. We provide training and support for 2D and 3D platforms, enabling users to enhance their project delivery capabilities.

What are the different subscription options offered by RebarCAD?

RebarCAD offers a versatile subscription model to cater to the diverse needs of our customers. We provide perpetual licenses, ideal for companies engaged in long-term projects with a preference for capital expenditure. For those embarking on shorter or variable-duration projects, we offer the flexibility of quarterly and annual subscription options. This allows clients to scale their software licenses up or down as project demands change, optimising costs. Additionally, our suspended licenses enable users to conserve resources when a project concludes. Ultimately, our licensing model is tailored to individual project requirements, ensuring customers can adapt their software usage to align with their specific needs and budgets.

Could you elaborate on any recent advancements in your product range?

To enhance customer accessibility and address competition, we’ve introduced a significant development in our product offerings. We’ve integrated AutoCAD into our software package, eliminating the need for customers to purchase AutoCAD separately. This bundled, perpetual model aims to provide a cost-effective solution while countering unauthorised software usage and high costs. Customers make a one-time purchase, covering an annual period, and gain access to the latest updates and flexible customisation, ensuring they always have access to cutting-edge technology. This innovative approach simplifies procurement and allows users to utilise RebarCAD with AutoCAD, promoting efficiency and affordability seamlessly.

For more info visit : https://www.cadsindia.com/


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