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Perma brings one component PU Injection resin for waterproofing

Perma brings one component PU Injection resin for waterproofing

One component, hydrophobic grout designed for waterproofing in concrete, masonry structures and sandy soils, even when strong seepage or gushing water is encountered.

Perma Construction Aids Pvt Ltd have always launched state of the art construction chemicals in the Indian market. As part of the upgradation in the product portfolio the company has tied up with a leading European brand by name SPETEC to bring in the latest PU Injection materials for the Indian market.

At SPETEC the range of injection resins available are all one component products, closed cell, hydrophobic, water reactive, solvent and phthalate free, low viscosity polyurethane injection resin for stabilisation and water cut-off of large water leaks.

• Water cut-off large flow and high pressure water leaks.
• Water cut-off water leaks in foundations such as diaphragm walls, pilling sheets and secants piles.
• Stabilisation and water cut-off of large cracks, voids and gravel layers.
• Pre and post injections in mines, tunnels, pipes jacking, drills and blast and TBM applications.
• Injections in combinations with cement-based grout.
• Crack and gravel layer injections in concrete structure.
• Soil stabilisation and anchors in pours geology.
• Water cut-off of sewer water leaks and sewer stabilisation.
• Probe grouting for below grade pipes.
• Manhole injections.

• Single component.
• Different reaction times are possible by adjusting the percentage of SPETEC PU H100 ACC accelerator.
• The closed-cell structure of cured polyurethane ensures permanent sealing of cracks and joints.
• Cured polyurethane exhibits high strength and good chemical resistance.
• Cured polyurethane is harmless for the environment and resistant to biological attack
• WQA drinking water certificate.

Packaging & Storage
• SPETEC PU H100 is moisture sensitive and should be stored in a dry area between 5 C and 30 C
• Shelf life: 24 months in original packaging.
• Once opened, container should be used as soon as possible.
• SPETEC PU H100 is package in 20 kg metal cans.
• SPETEC PU H100 ACC is package in 2 kg.

For more details, visit permaindia.com


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