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Porotherm Dryfix. System by Wienerberger India: Adding a touch of sustainability to the process of construction

Porotherm Dryfix. System by Wienerberger India:  Adding a touch of sustainability to the process of construction

As part of its strategic focus on developing sustainable and innovative processes in building construction, Wienerberger India has come up with a simple yet innovative solution through its Porotherm Dryfix. System that can help radically reduce water consumption during the construction phase of a building. The solution also enables enhanced speed of construction resulting in faster delivery of building projects.

The unique properties of Porotherm Dryfix. System eliminates the need of wet mortar and drastically reduces requirement of water for any type of wall construction including infill masonry or partition walls, as well as external walls. It comes along with Porotherm Grinded clay hollow bricks or Smart Bricks as a total solution. The bricks are a hallmark in precision technology, resulting in exceptional dimensional uniformity that can also reduce plaster thickness leading to huge plaster mortar savings for the builder.

The ever-increasing population in cities like Bangalore and Chennai has understandably resulted in rapid urban growth and restructuring. According to a recent study by Down To Earth, a publication of the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), the number of water bodies in Bengaluru has contracted by 79 per cent in the past four decades. The study attributes the reason behind the fall in the number of water bodies due to unplanned urbanisation and encroachment. In addition, a finding by Wienerberger India shows that construction activities consume an average of 350 litres of water for every single meter of wall construction. As a consequence, government regulations have started restricting usage of natural resources mainly water and sand in greater urban areas.

Monnanda Appaiah, MD, Wienerberger India, adds, “Urban planners are already looking at reformulating their strategies to manage urban sprawl and growth on a more sustainable basis. Wienerberger is empowering these efforts through continuous innovation and development of smart and future-ready solutions for the building and construction industry. Our product Porotherm Dryfix. System, a dry mortar system, can entirely replace the conventional mortar and help build walls without the need for curing. Thus, saving precious natural resources like water and sand. The product is mason friendly, hugely time-saving through faster speed of construction and enhances thermal protection. It is a revolutionary world class system to build the perfect wall for your house.”

Porotherm Dryfix. System is a new-age innovative masonry system that caters to the requirements of environmentally conscious builders, architects and responsible citizens. It is a technologically advanced wall building system that improves productivity, saves cost, ensures faster construction of walls through minimum resource utilisation and zero wastage, while maintaining a cleaner and healthier working environment.


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