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Safe solutions for safe airport

Safe solutions for safe airport

Matrix offers advanced security and safety management solution for airport safety.

Over the past two decades, huge advancement in the technology for safety and security at airports is witnessed. Among them, biometrics has played a major role in increasing the security in various places at airports. Biometric technology ensures that individuals can assert only their own identity. This ensures foolproof authentication, which assures security staff that they are authenticating individuals without any fraud. To meet up with high-end security demands of airports, Matrix has come up with COSEC People Mobility Solution. Access Control Management (ACM) is a feature-rich Security solution of COSEC.

Access control for airports
Matrix COSEC ACM is a comprehensive and flexible Access Control solution to meet access control needs of airports, irrespective of their layout, locations and timings. Matrix COSEC allows controlling access on three dimensions simultaneously-user, zone and time, by answering three fundamental questions who, where and when. In addition, a range of value-added features like Anti-Pass back, Two-Person rule, First-In User, Blocked Users, Door Auto Re-lock, GuardTour, Man-Trap and Smart Card based Identification ensure foolproof security of physical assets and safety of manpower.

Mobile based access control – your mobile is your identity
QR Code based access control using mobile application COSEC APTA
Matrix “Your Mobile is your Identity” technology offers QR Code based identification of users to mark their attendance and open doors by simply scanning the QR code from their registered mobile phones.

Bluetooth based access control using mobile application COSEC APTA
Matrix “Your Mobile is Your Identity” technology offers gesture based identification of users which marks their attendance and opens doors just by twisting of their mobiles in the vicinity of the entry or exit point.

High-end security devices
Matrix offers hardware with multispectral fingerprint reader and palm vein reader. COSEC DOOR FMX, premium device with multispectral fingerprint sensor, which reads surface and subsurface of a finger and gives very clear and strong image. It can read dirty, dry, wet and elderly finger even in harsh working environment. COSEC DOOR PVR is a contactless technology that reads internal vascular pattern of a user’s palm and give accurate result to provide utmost security and hygiene.

Integration with video surveillance and fire alarm
Matrix Door Controllers can be integrated with video surveillance system and fire alarm system, which gives an extra edge of security to any organisation. To monitor the activities of people in the premises, you can integrate COSEC biometric devices with video camera. It can capture the image or start recording video of a user on receiving certain event notifications like “Access Denied”. In case of fire, Matrix Door Controllers will automatically open all the connected doors without any manual intervention, making it easier for people to rush out as fast as possible.

For more details, visit www.MatrixAccessControl.com


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