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Supreme Industries introduces Aqua Source Filtration System

Supreme Industries introduces Aqua Source Filtration System

Presenting the “Aqua source Smart Rainwater Filtration System” from Supreme Industries, a ground-breaking device that uses cutting-edge filtration technology to improve the effectiveness of rainwater gathering and support sustainable groundwater management.

Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) is a topic of growing importance in today’s world. With growing population, rapid urbanisation, depleting groundwater resources, and fluctuating climate conditions, the need for active management of rainfall has become increasingly vital. Besides this, mandatory rainwater harvesting requirements for projects of a certain size also highlight the importance of this subject. Recognising the gravity of this situation, Supreme Industries Ltd. have decided to focus on this important rainwater management segment.

Rainwater collection, filtration, and storage or groundwater recharge are the three important aspects of any rainwater harvesting system. Supreme offers an array of solutions such as SWR and roof gutter systems for rainwater collection, different piping systems with inspection chambers for stormwater collection, and efficient Rain gain rainwater filters for domestic applications. We are pleased to introduce a scientifically designed rainwater filtration system for surface water under the brand name “Aqua source Smart Rainwater Filters”. We have developed these filters collaboratively with the HSGF design experts in the field. Extensive trials, tests and successful installations at many prestigious projects have validated its performance.

The “Aqua Source Filters” are meticulously designed to efficiently filtrate rainwater collected from large surface areas such as rooftops, open grounds, and lawns. These filters are supplied with the necessary piping arrangements and the option to install an ultrasonic water flow meter, facilitating the conveyance of filtered water for groundwater recharge through various means like recharge pits, dug wells, defunct borewells, open wells, or borewells. By effectively separating impurities like silt, soil, organic and non-organic substances from collected surface water, these filters prevent blockages in recharge wells and groundwater contamination. Their versatility makes them suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial projects while adhering to CGWA guidelines.

Smart rainwater filters are made using a specially developed food-grade polyethylene (PE) compound and are available in 600-, 800-, 1000-, and 1200-mm sizes to cater to different plot sizes. They are designed to comply with all the structural strength requirements as per the EN standard and meet all the hydraulic and functional requirements.

Aqua source Filters offers many features that set it apart from conventional alternatives like –

·          Designed and developed scientifically
·          Proven Performance: Successfully installed at many prestigious projects.
·          Ready to Use: It requires minimal construction on-site, reducing installation time and costs.
·          Lightweight: 90 percent less than traditional masonry or concrete products, simplifying its handling and installation.
·          100 percent Watertight
·          Microbe-Free: Resistant to the growth of fungi, bacteria, and other microbes
·          Strong and sturdy design – Suitable for up to 40 MT wheel load
·          Durability: Lifespan of up to 50 years, offering lasting benefits.
·          Ideal for submerged conditions.
·          Minimal Maintenance
·          Cost-Effective

By introducing the “Aqua Source Smart RW Filtration System,” we are taking an important step towards addressing the pressing challenges to ensuring a more sustainable water future.

For more details , visit : https://www.supreme.co.in/pipe


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